80-20 Rule of Pareto Principle in Life & Business for Learning Time Management and Financial Freedom! .

80-20 Rule of Pareto principle for Financial Freedom!

The Pareto principle says that 80% of results come from 20% of your activity you do.

80% of the wealth of the world with 20% of the population.

80% of the profit you make from 20% of the clients.

80% of your income comes from 20% of the job you do.

That means we need to find the 20% of the task which generates 80% of the results.

And put our 100% energy on that 20 % of the task which provides results.

Then Why people fail to do this?

That is mainly due to their lack of knowledge to work on those things which gives them the best results.

In digital space, there is so much information available some of the crap and some of really awesome!

But we don’t follow them as we don’t trust them.

Or So many people would have built their online empire with this information.

We are loaded with information bombs, we do not know whom to trust and whom to avoid.

That was the same situation I was going through, when did I meet my Mentor.

He is really showed me the way I need to follow to get success.

He asked me to analyze which activity has given me more Return, Focus on that one.

I did the same what did he say,

I am really thankful That I have listened to him.

His mantra to find your 20% is to get into Minimalist, in all ways….

Minimalist is a condition which we form by having less in life, more space to other things.

Minimalist is not only having fewer clothes in your cupboard, it means less clutter in your life.

Fewer Mails, fewer Books, Less Task, Less Apps, in short of having less in every aspect.

You can also develop these skills as I did after practicing much time.

80 – 20 rules base is also minimalism.

Get rid of most of the things which are not important in your life, And only to have very few.

I was also focusing so many things in my life, but currently, I am focusing on very few things in life.  

This has helped me to grow myself as well as my business is very short of the time.

PS: Minimalism is the best solutions for many of our problems if we find a way to live Our life as a minimalist. you will be able to get the best results in your life. Watch this video Here which has changed my life.

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