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I am Vipin Nayar and I’m a Digital marketing consultant in Kerala and the founder of Aviv Digital. After pursuing my MBA from ECU Australia in 2009, I started finding passion in the Digital marketing field and started my career. 

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A Fervent Digital Marketing Coach Kerala

I am keen to share the expertise and knowledge that I hold as a digital marketing consultant for a good many years. Holding that passion, I became a digital marketing trainer in Kerala guiding many aspiring learners in my founded learning venture Aviv Digital. 

My Awesome services

Here are my services to maximise strengthen and promote your brand

SEO Consultation

The recent frontier and rise of digital channels cause one to look for a digital marketing consultant or SEO consultant to escalate their business. I'm here to provide you with excellent services that fit your budget and requirements. Working as a digital brand consultant for many successful years.

Strategy Consultation

As a digital marketing consultant in Kerala for a good many years, I will be able to help your business to meet new competitive advantages. The customized strategies that I put forward, help your business to reach out to the right audience at the right time and generate a
maximum ROI.

Marketing Training

Digital Marketing training is my passion. With the 13+ years of expert knowledge and skills I possess as a digital marketing consultant, I can provide you with the fundamental to expert-level digital marketing training necessary to grow your business, and career and increase revenue out of it.


A Versatile Digital Marketing Expert

My journey of 13+ years in the digital marketing field as an Digital Marketing expert in Kerala has fostered me to acquire certain creative skills and talent to specialize in result-driven solutions. Keeping my customer’s requirements in mind I can produce top-quality, effective material on-brand designs for their business. I have implemented successful strategic plans for many multinational clients. 

The idea of effectively creating strategic and engaging marketing campaigns, offering my clients personalized digital marketing strategies by using the latest research and technologies, and helping them to grow their businesses is something I admire working for. If you are in need of a Digital Marketing Expert in Kerala, I can help you with data-driven strategies and well-executed digital marketing campaigns which play a significant role in building a professional brand. 


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