16 Best Tricks to Create a New Habit which can change your life:

Here are the 16 Best Tricks to Create a new Habit which can change your life:

Commit to Thirty Days –

Take a 30 Days challenge, and go for it, as research says that it takes 30 – 32 days time to get into a habit. Try this 30 days challenge, if it has broken then you can go again and restart it until you form a habit.

Make it Daily –

Consistency is the mother of success. If you want to build your habit you need to make sure that you need to do it daily. A daily routine can form you a habit which will pay you in the future.

Start Simple –

Go for KISS- Keep it simple, stupid. Don’t try to over warm yourself with your motivation, if you are planning to go for a 1 hrs run, then first plan a strategy to start to get up early from the bed. Then go for 15 minutes run, then go further and reach your goal.

Remind Yourself –

It is very necessary to remind yourself with your goal, what goal you want to achieve, keep a reminder on it, the best thing to remind yourself by creating a schedule around it. Keep a calendar with you, and build your routine on it. So that you will don’t forget it.

Stay Consistent –

Consistency with your time, place and the task what you do for 30 to 32 days will going to decide, how will you going to keep your habit for a longer period. A study shows that it is easy to stick with a regular plan than a plan changing every day.

Get an Accountability Partner –

Having an accountability partner will help you to motivate you to keep on track, and always guide you whenever you feel like quitting.   

Form a Trigger –

A trigger is a catalyst in your plan of building a habit, You need to form a trigger. If you planning to get up early in the morning have a simple trigger like walking up in the same way, like after first alarms ring. This is how the trigger you form.

Replace Lost Needs –

It is very necessary to replace something if you are planning to quit something, Like if you are planning to replace you movie watching hours then you need to replace that time with other activities like reading books, writing blogs, etc.

Be Imperfect –

Don’t think that your first attempt is going to hit on the target, you need to understand that you need to go to different version of yourself before finding your goal. That is building your habit.

Use “Release” or “But” Technique –

Thoughts will be there that will not be going to go anywhere so what to do to overcome on your negative thoughts, I mainly use Release technique, where whenever I get a negative thought I asked myself to release that thought and find a new one. There is another technique which helps you to change your thought pattern, for example when you start thinking about something negative then add but to that and read that sentence loud for example if you are getting a thought like you can not do it, then interrupt it with but if I can learn how to do these things then I can easily do this.

Remove Temptation –

Restructure your environment, which helps you to overcome on the willingness of doing something, if you are planning to stop watching tv then unsubscribe your cable connection first.  

Associate With Role Models –

Spend more time with them who like you want to become, as the study shows that if you spend you most of the time with fat people then chances that you will also become fat. So find your way to spend your more time with those people, if they are not available physical then find them on digital and follow them.

Swish –

A technique from NLP. Visualize yourself performing the bad habit. Next, visualize yourself pushing aside the bad habit and performing an alternative. Finally, end that sequence with an image of yourself in a highly positive state.

Write it Down –

A piece of paper is having the world’s biggest power in it. When you write something on it, it becomes more clear to the subconscious mind that helps you to build your habit.

Know the Benefits –

having awareness of the benefits of your habit will help you to motivate you to achieve the target you set for yourself. It is sometimes if we know what we will be going to get after adopting a new habit into our life will give more satisfaction to us than anything else.

Know the Pain –

exposing you to the result, that is your current situations, if you don’t opt this habit then your current situations will not going to change. By showing the current pain, you will get motivated to replace that. I usually keep images of my current situations with me on my phone so that I can see them and work hard to change them.

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