Why 1% of the population earns 96% of all the money being earned globally?

When it come to Money Making Ideas, best place to get this informations from the 1% of the populations who earns 96% of all the money in the world.

But do you think will they come to you and tell about this to you?

No, Right so what to do next.

How to find the Money Making Ideas which these 1% of the wealthier people use.

To know that  you need to understand the theory behind it.

Bob Proctor teaches that there are three strategies for earning money

1. Trade time for money –

96% of populations actually follow this kind of strategy to make money. The problem with this strategy is time is limited, you only got 24hrs a day, it does not matter how much you get per hour, because it will run out anyway. If they are able to save some money, that will be their sacrifice with their current living, such as their sacrifice on their car, home, vacations etc.

2. Money makes Money-

3% of populations only use this strategy to make money, this is an excellent strategy where money investment help to earn money. they invest in different kinds of bonds, stocks, shares etc.

3. MSI (Multiple Source of Income) –

Only 1% of populations use this strategy to multiply their time by setting up multiple sources of income. MSI doesn’t mean to get one more job and trade you time, it’s a very simple concept but most of the people don’t get it. MSI is joining different sources of income globally which generate income for you in a passive way, that mean it will work for you while you are sleeping. We are grateful to have internet and technology, which has helped so many people to connect globally, and able to generate passive income while they sleep.

Here is a blog I have written about How To Get Rich?

Most of us believe that we can not make money while sleeping, or we require big amount of money to invest, so that money makes money strategy can work.

That is not true, we are living in the era of Digitalization which has given us the power to build multiple sources of income online.

But then what is stopping us to get this, I think it’s the lack of awareness, right mentor, right product and still people think that it is not practical.

They think it’s not practical.

As they have not even tested this once in their life, nor their parents, so the old believe stop us to trust on this MSI system.

Yes, There are so many ways  to generate MSI income, without a high investment.

Such as MLM, Affiliate Marketing, Digital Courses, Digital Books, Blogging, V-blogging, Software, Tools, digital e-commerce, and many more.

I can give you tons of the list, but this will only work when you take action.

It’s all about finding your love, passion where you love to work even after coming from your job.

Building multiple sources of income gives you an opportunity to earn some money and happiness

And you can build this while working 2-3 hrs extra in your free time.

Now you say that you do not have free time, then it’s time to go back and check your schedule.

You will come to know that how much time you’re spending a day by doing the things which are not productive.

Productivity is a skill which need to get developed over time by doing practice, will cover that in next time, but the most important point is scheduling your day.

If you can schedule your day then you will get to know that you can easily find a 2-3 hrs extra time to work on your MSI Ecosystem.

So If you are complaining that how will I get time to build your MSI Ecosystem then it’s time to give a second thought on it.

Plan for your future. It’s high time to do for it.

I came to learn these things after failing so many times, now I know the importance of MSI, and I am building that daily, and that is helping me to earn some good amount of money.

So that I can invest more into my business and grow to next steps.

Are you curious to know one of the MSI Ecosystem I am part-off?

Then take this challenge now,

I am sure that it will change your life forever.

I am sure that only 1% will be going to try that, You know why as Bob Already mentioned it.

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