Vlogging: How To Make A Vlog And Earn Money

Hi friends, hope you all are well and doing extremely good in your field.

Today is the 15th session of my MSI ecosystem set up and it will be the last part of this journey.

In all previous sections, I have described different types of MSI systems which you can choose to strengthen your financial status.

I have also worked or implemented all these 15 ecosystems and trust me if you follow my advice and guidelines regarding this, I am sure you will get benefitted from these MSI (Multiple Source Of Income)ecosystems.

Today, I am going to describe a new topic on how to make a vlog.

What is vlogging?

How can you optimize this YouTube for monetization purpose so that it will become a part of your MSI? and How to make a vlog?

This thing I will cover here.

But before that, let me remind you I have told about blogging in the 5th session of my MSI ecosystem.

So, what is blogging?

Blogging is basically content-based marketing where you are going to publish your content on your website.

On the other hand, in vlogging, you are going to publish all your video content on your YouTube channel.

If you don’t want to go with YouTube, you can choose other channels like Vimeo and so on.

But you will get most of the audiences on YouTube, so you should focus more on YouTube.

In vlogging, you need to build your audience through your videos so that you can publish those videos on various platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Quora, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, etc.

There are multiple platforms where you can start publishing your videos to attract more customers.

But at the end of the day, the motto of your video content is to drive someone to some particular place.

So, you should focus on YouTube because many people are making a huge amount through YouTube videos.

If you are a marketing person, then, this video platform will be your biggest action plan which will help your business to grow.

If you want to sell more products or want to connect with your customers, then this video industry is very much beneficial for you.

Because these videos will change your perception of how you are going to market your products on the digital platform.

How You Can Monetize Your YouTube Channel?

You can monetize your YouTube channel to build up your own MSI ecosystem.

There are three ways by which you can monetize your YouTube channel.

1. Paid membership channel:

You can start a paid membership channel where people will come and pay you on a monthly basis.

YouTube will pay you based on your views, shares, and other things.

2. Advertisement:

You can also earn through advertisement.

You can get an advertisement if you have crossed 4000 minutes view in your last 12 months along with 1000 drivers on your YouTube channel.

Then only you are eligible to get ads from Google.

3. Sell through videos:

You can sell various products including affiliate products through these videos to earn money.

So, these are three main ways by which you can monetize your YouTube channel.

You also need a hub on digital media if you want to earn more from this MSI ecosystem.

A hub is nothing but a website where you can convert and publish this video content in the form of a text.

So, from vlogging, you can start general blogging also.

Since vlogging is basically telling a story or passing a value, you should wisely choose your niches which can cater to enough interests among your audiences.

For this, there are three popular niches which are ideal for vlogging.

  1. Health
  2. Money
  3. Relationship

These are the three main niches which you should consider when you want to start this kind of business.

Before going to YouTube, you need to learn a little bit regarding how to optimize your channel, how to enhance your traffic, how to drive the right audience to your channel, and so on.

1. But, at the initial phase, you should keep regular updating your content.

Because regular updating of content is one of the ranking factors on YouTube channel.

2. Then you should choose the high-traffic keywords for your videos which will help you to get more audiences in your channel.

These high-traffic keywords will also uplift your ranking on YouTube.

3. You need to optimize your videos according to the convention.

4. Always put a CTA (call to action) thing in every video so that your audiences can take some actions within your videos.

You can see many video makers are taking something like “subscribe my channel”, “share it with other platforms or your friends”, etc. at the end of the videos so that people can take some actions.

If more actions come to your video, then YouTube feels these video contents are valuable for the users and accordingly, enhances their ranks.

One of the most important factors for YouTube ranking is how much time your users are spending on your channel.

If your users are spending a chunk of time on your YouTube channel, then YouTube thinks are those video contents are valuable for that particular group of users and it will automatically upgrade the rank of your channel.

While making a video for vlogging, you should focus on certain things

  1. Update your content regularly
  2. Make good content which is valuable to enough to cater to interest among your audiences
  3. Last but not the list also focuses on the look and appearance of your video

You can start vlogging with the above-mentioned niches.

Apart from that if you are zealous about any particular segment, you can start with that easily.

I have already described three monetization process for your video content.

Apart from that, there are two more ways.

1. You can start your own digital course and start selling those courses through your YouTube channel.

2. Then, later on, when you have enough audiences, people will come to you as a sponsored content promoter where you will get sponsorship by promoting their products on your channel.

But this is a longer prospect and for this, you need a certain audience-base on your bucket.

Initially, you can start making videos and can monetize them with the three steps that I have discussed earlier.

Videos are the most valuable thing in this era because they are not only attractive and compelling but also people can remember them easily.

That’s why videos will give you more audiences than any other things like images, simple content, etc.

So, utilize the power of videos by making a vlog and stay ahead of your competitors.

Best vlogging setup for beginners

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That’s it for – how to make a vlog session.

Hope, I gave you enough value from this “how to make a vlog” and information which will help you to build up your own MSI ecosystem.

Thanks for your tremendous support and I am promising, in future, I will come with some more ideas and information which will boost up your knowledge and financial status.

Thanks, once again and don’t forget to leave your comments and feedback.

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