How To Make Money with Photography? Sell and Earn through your photos

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Well, in this part, I am going to discuss How to sell photos online in India and how can you make this business as one of your multiple sources of income.

People love photos as they are intriguing, vivacious, colourful and always give good vibes.

In this digitalized era, everyone owns a smartphone with a high-quality camera.

If you have a smartphone with a good camera, then start using your phone for taking photos and then, try to sell your sell photos online in India and earn some amount of money.

Even if you have a DSLR camera or other professional cameras, then this could be your ideal business for your MSI ecosystem.

What are the things that you require to start selling photos online in India as a business?

If you are planning to plunge into this sector, you need to focus on three different things.


First, you need to find out your niche.

What is a niche?

Niche is basically a market where you need to position yourself.

If you are passionate about travelling, then you can represent yourself as a travel photographer and can work on that particular niche.

Apart from travel, there are other niches like fashion, nature, food, city life, etc.

If you are living in a particular city, you can to portray different aspects of the city through your photographs.

Food photographers usually fetch a chunk of money by sell photos online.

These are some niches where you can start your photography.

One of my friends is in cycling niche, I always suggest him to go and click more pictures on cycling.


The next thing is that you need to build up your audiences or followers.

For this, you should have an Instagram account where you can build your own audiences or followers.

Even you can sell your products (Photographs) through Instagram and earn money.

This part I will describe later.

For now, Instagram is the right place to build up your audiences, followers, or team.

There are many websites where you can sell photos online in India and get a good amount of money.

Some popular sites are Gettyimages(offers 20% commission once your photo is sold), Shutterstock (gives you 20-30% commission), 500px( offers 30-60%), and Adobe stock (gives you 33% commission).

These are some prime sites where you can sell photos online in India.

There are some other sites (nearly 37 sites) which also offer a good commission once your photograph gets sold.

If you want to get the entire list of the sites, you can visit and type MSI photo, you will get the PDF of the entire list where you can go and upload your photographs.

How can you make money in this photography industry?

Direct selling:

You can earn money through direct selling of your photographs.

You can visit all the above-mentioned websites and upload your photos.

Once your photographs get sold, you can start earning money.

Include MSI into this particular industry:

Apart from direct selling, you can include MSI in this particular industry.

You can start selling your courses regarding photography.

There are many people who want to learn the basics of photography, how to handle a camera, and so on.

By using your phone, you can record these courses and can upload (freely) those courses on various sites like Udemy, Skillshare, etc.

Once people will use your courses, you will get the royalty from these sites.

By reviewing:

You can do the review if you have an Instagram account or a YouTube Channel.

You can review the camera that you are using or different cameras that are used by your followers, and many more thing.

Basically, you can create web content regarding the review and when people will purchase those products, you will get a commission.

You can use affiliates like Amazon, Snapdeal or Flipcart for this particular purpose.

Can earn money by offering this as a service:

You can even fetch a good amount of money by providing photography services to the people who need it.

Any Sunday, you can go for marriage reception and start taking photographs or you can go for a portfolio picture.

I always recommend going for portfolio pictures because these pictures are mostly used in branding purpose.

The person who used to take pictures from you gets credit for the pictures and there is a possibility that they will offer more candidates to you.


You can even start an e-commerce section to sell photos online And for this, Shopify is the best because all required apps are already there.

You can use these apps for download or digital download.

You can even move this e-commerce section as a POD service where you can sell your photographs India as a “Print on demand” product (Like books, cups, t-shirts, mugs, mobile cases, etc.).

There are sites like Photomoto, Cafepress, Instagram (where your photos get collected directly from your Instagram account), etc.

where your photos can get printed on many things like pillow cover and others.

These are some ways by which you can get some income through your photographs.

Membership site:

I always suggest going to a membership site.

Now, what is a membership site?

A membership site is basically a site where you charge a particular amount as a month free and it will be a kind of recurring income.

Just take an example.

You have started a 10-dollar membership site and at 10 dollars, you will provide 100 photos (maybe in different niches or maybe in the specific niche).

Now, you need to make a strong marketing strategy.

You need to build up a funnel where you will say that “I am going to sell 100 photos in $10” (10 cents per photo) and you need to pitch this thing to the bloggers who used to write articles on that niche.

These bloggers require these kinds of photos, so they will easily come and join your site.

Digital pictures are highly valuable, but copy-righted pictures will make you a huge loss.

So, to avoid this, you can start a membership.

You can build your membership site with Clickfunnel.

Clickfunnel is a landing page build software where you can easily build up your website by clicking the link.

The biggest threat in online is when you are uploading your images someone can easily steal or copy your images.

How could you save your photographs?

1. You should go for copyright and what kind of copywrites you wanted for your photos, get that immediately to protect your photos.

2. The second option is to put your ink watermark to the background of your image so that when a person uses your photo, you can track him and ask him to give a link back to your website.

These links are valuable as they will help you in increasing your traffic and visibility.

These are some basic tips which you can use to save your photos from getting copied.

This industry gives you many opportunities to build up your own MSI ecosystem.

I always prefer membership site and suppose you have 100 customers, so 100X$10= $1000 per month is your regular income.

100 photographs per month is not a big thing if you are passionate about photography.

But do good research on keywords and check which keywords people are using the most.

Choose your niche wisely and find out which bloggers are writing articles on your niche, so that you can pitch them for your photographs.

That’s it for the day.

Hope, this information gives you enough idea about how to sell photos online in India and how can you use your photographs to make money.

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