101 Ways to Make Money Online in Your Spare Time (Best Internet Money Making Ideas)

How to Earn money online has now become a good way to increase your financial inflows. In the olden days, making money was done through different traditional offline methods.

Then, after the widespread use of the internet, many ways were introduced to earn a passive income online.

Here, we are discussing various ways to Earn money online. Following ideas will help you to make passive income.

Table of Contents

1.POD (Print On Demand)     

POD is one of the hottest niches where you can sell your customized designs on different types of products. The POD items include T-shirts, shirts, books, mobile covers, cups, and so on. Nowadays, there are different online platforms to start the POD business and earn money.

It is easy to set up the print-on-demand business as there are a lot of plugins and templates available that you can launch. If you have a good caliber in designing, then you can start designing the products and make money.

To start a print on demand business

  1. You must choose the niche that you are interested in
  2. Find the best products in your niche
  3. Get your website ready with a good theme
  4. Find the best print provider
  5. Put the products in your store
  6. Start promoting your store
  7. Check the quality and make improvements if needed.

Examples of POD  platforms

  • Printful, Printify, Redbubble, Teespring, and Zazzle are some of the POD providing sites in the world.
  • Printrove, Qikink, Vistaprint, Canvaschamp, Inkmoke are the POD providing sites in India.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the best profitable online businesses nowadays. Here, you can earn by referring a product to someone or by promoting the product to other people. When a person buys this product on your recommendation, you will earn a commission.

The commission that you are receiving will be varying according to the products that you refer to or promote. 

To earn from affiliate marketing

  1. Join on a good affiliate program that can be trusted 
  2. Find the products to refer that offer a good commission
  3. Start promoting your unique affiliate link through blogs, Facebook ads, social media and so on.
  4. When any person buys the product through your affiliate link, you will receive a commission.

Examples of affiliate products:

  • Amazon products, eBay products, and Flipkart products are some of the physical affiliate products. 
  • Bluehost, Shopify, Convertkit, etc are the other digital affiliate products. 

3. Sell Ebook

Nowadays people are more into Ebooks than printed books. So selling Ebooks are one of the hottest ways to make money online

You can write the Ebook yourself or else employ any writers to create your Ebook. If possible you can handle the marketing and selling yourself, so that you may get more profit on the book.   

How to sell your Ebook

  1. Do topic research for your Ebook
  2. Find a good topic and create your Ebook
  3. Format the Ebook in a good manner with relevant images
  4. Edit your Ebook by fixing all major and minor errors
  5. Put a good cover to your Ebook that is in the same niche as the book
  6. Convert your Ebook to the proper format
  7. Put your Ebook on a website
  8. Market your Ebook using the latest technologies
  9. Keep tracking the sales

Examples of Ebook selling platforms:

  • Amazon, Fiverr, Payhip, GooglePlay, E-junkie are some of the Ebook selling platforms that are mostly used. 

4. Sell Photographs

If you are interested in photography, then you can start taking photos and sell these photographs online through various websites.

Your photograph should be sharp and colorful in that it tells a story related to the theme. The shadows and saturations of the photographs can be adjusted using the editing tools like photoshop, illustrator, and so on.

You can start selling your photographs online 

  1. Start taking the photographs   
  2. Do some necessary editing on your photos
  3. Find a good marketplace to sell your photographs
  4. Set a price for your photograph
  5. Start marketing your photograph and earn money

Examples of marketplaces to sell photographs

  • Adobe Stock, Shutterstock, Alamy, Etsy, Fotomoto, 500px, PhotoShelter are some of the marketplaces to sell your photographs.
  • You can also sell the photographs on your own website. Here, you can set your own terms and conditions.

5. Vlogging

Vlogging is a trending way to make money online. Here you can record a video of yourself, where you talk about a particular topic or review any product or movie. After creating a video, you are able to upload it online and start earning money.

You can be a vlogger

  1. Research some popular vloggers and understand the basics of vlogging
  2. Choose the type of vlogger you want to be
  3. Get all the necessary equipment for vlogging
  4. Find a good topic and start recording your vlog
  5. Edit the vlog that you have created
  6. Upload the video
  7. Promote the video using the latest technologies

Youtube vloggers can make money through the advertisements that are shown below their videos. In some cases, the vloggers may receive sponsorship in cash or other forms from some companies to promote their brand through youtube videos.

Examples of vlogging platforms:

  • Youtube is the most popular vlogging platform nowadays. Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, Daily Motion are the other available vlogging platforms.

6. Blogging

Blogging is also a hot niche like vlogging where you can make money online. In blogging, you can earn money by sharing information that is interesting and helpful to others. 

While choosing a topic to write the blogs, it is better to choose a broad topic that can be subdivided into other small topics. So on a particular topic, you can write a number of blogs. You can make more money by including affiliate links in your content, granting permission for Google AdSense, selling private ads, and so on.   

You can start blogging by

  1. Picking a name for your blog
  2. Bring your site online (Host your website)
  3. Get a good design for your blog using the free WordPress theme
  4. Write the blogpost
  5. Start promoting your blog and earn money

Examples of blogging platforms and some successful bloggers

  • Google, Bing, and Yahoo are the most commonly used blogging platforms.
  • WordPress, Wix, Constantcontent are the platforms that are used to build your websites for blogging.

7. Dropshipping

Dropshipping is a retail fulfillment way where the store does not keep any products to sell in their hands. Here, the products will be stored by the wholesale supplier in their own godown and once we give the shipment details of the customer they will send the product directly to the customer.

There is no need to have a huge amount of money to start dropshipping, yet you can provide a number of items to your customers. You are also able to operate the business from anywhere if you have an internet connection.

You can start dropshipping by

  1. Making a concept for the dropshipping business
  2. Find the best dropshipping suppliers who can be trusted
  3. Get a website for your dropshipping business
  4. Add a good theme and required details to your website
  5. Add the drop ship products in your website
  6. Market your business and start making money

Examples of platforms for dropshipping business:

  • WooCommerce, Shopify, Opencart, Magento are some of the major platforms for setting up a dropshipping business.  

8. Freelancing

Freelancing is an efficient way to make money online by working from your home for the clients. Here, you can work on both small and big projects according to your skills. Working for your convenience is the biggest benefit of freelancing works.   

Mostly all services a person needs can be outsourced to a freelancer like data entry, graphic designing, web designing, photography, videography, and so on. So the chances of getting work are also high. You can find the service that you are an expert in and start doing freelance works in that particular section to earn money.

To start a freelance business

  1. Get a profitable niche
  2. Fix a proper price for your service.
  3. Set up a good website and mention your services
  4. Start promoting your website
  5. Choose your clients and start making money

Examples of freelancing websites

  • Fiverr, Freelancer.in, Upwork, Truelancer, Odesk are some of the major freelancing websites.

9. Direct marketing or Multilevel marketing

Direct selling is a trending niche where you can sell the products directly from the manufacturer to the customer. You can be a representative of any direct selling company and start selling their products. When the sale is done, you will earn a commission for your service.

Commonly the multi-level marketing is working through recruitment. Here, the advertisements are mainly done through mouth publicity instead of on-screen advertisements. Hence the company can reduce the cost of ads and this amount can be given as a commission to the representatives for their sales. Cosmetics, nutrition supplements, personal care items, cookware, and many other items can be sold through direct marketing.  

Examples of direct selling companies

  • Amway, Tupperware, Hindustan Unilever Ltd, Mi Lifestyle Marketing Global Private Ltd are some of the top direct selling companies.

10. Sell digital courses

If you have the caliber in teaching, then you can find a good topic and start recording your class. Nowadays, there are different platforms to sell online courses. If you are doing this in a professional manner, then you can make a good amount of money through your online classes.

You can create an online course:

  1. Find a good topic for your online course
  2. Validate the topic that you selected
  3. Start creating your online course content
  4. Put your online course on a good platform to sell
  5. Give a price to your course
  6. Start marketing the course with the latest techniques and earn money

Examples Of Digital Course Selling Platform

  • Teachable, Udemy, Learnworlds, skillshare, WizIQ, Lynda are some of the major online course platforms. 

11. Start digital agency

If you have a piece of good knowledge of the digital marketing industry, then starting a digital agency is the best way to make money online. Nowadays people are mainly using digital marketing to advertise their brand than the traditional marketing systems. 

While stating a digital agency, you should have at least one member for each section like designer, content writer, client servicing person, and so on. Also, you should have a person in SEO, SEM, and SMM for better convenience. You can also outsource the works to any freelancer in needed situations.

After setting up the agency, start providing your services for a minimum cost and increase the cost gradually. If you are having many clients then you can build good trust for your company.

 Examples of digital marketing agencies

  • Vayner media, Acodez, Strategics are some of the main digital marketing agencies.

12. Start podcasting

In this changing time podcasts have great importance on the internet. The user can subscribe to the podcast and start downloading the files that are uploaded by the authorized person.

The podcasting business has many advantages like increased traffic generation, create a good relationship with the audience, ease to create, increase the confidence to speak in public and so on. Many types of research have shown that the future of the podcast industry is going to be extremely bright. 

Equipment you should have before starting the podcasting

  1. Microphone
  2. Headphones
  3. Computer
  4. Boom arm
  5. Audio editing software

Examples of podcast platforms:

  • Spotify, Apple ios, Google podcast app, iTunes, Alexa, Anchor.FM, Stitcher are some of the popular podcast platforms in India. 

13. Resell or Flipping

Flipping is an interesting niche by which you can make money. Here, you can buy a product from one platform and sell it on another platform for a higher price than you brought.

In flipping, the investor will also try to add his knowledge on the property or the product and improve it with some renovations and sell it for more price. Some additional renovations may help to sell the product or property more easily.

Real estate flipping, product flipping, car flipping, second home flipping are some of the common types of flipping. If you are interested in reselling the products, then flipping is the best industry for you to make money. 

Examples of different platforms to resell products

  • Quikr, OLX, eBay, Craigslist are some of the platforms to resell the products online. 

What is passive income idea?

Passive income idea is for you to generate income from your home while actively you are not working on that project, but still it generates you money.

This is a process of making money with the use of online.

We can make income from online while sleeping. In this, we are going to cover how we make income from online with a little investment and how you can become your own boss.

With this, you will start to earn income by working once and income will start to generate while you sleeping.

Passive Income Idea

Are you working so hard for making money? or Are you a student?

If yes.

Here is the way for you to make money passively with a little work and with a small investment.

This passive income idea will help you to become a new person with a new financial background and make your passion easy.


Blogging is the best idea to make a passive income online with a little investment.

By making a website for blogging from Wix, WordPress, GoDaddy, etc or create a blogger then you are ready to start your own blog.

But, it’s not an easy task. Everyone can do it. But you need a clear understanding of the  – Following.

  • You need a Website or  Blog
  • You need a clear and profitable niche
  • You need to know SEO( Search Engine Optimization)
  • You need to write valuable contents

If this all combine, you will get:-

Best blog = Best Result = Popularity of blog = Generate passive income

2.Affiliate Marketing 

In this, you are like a broker. If anyone clicks your link and purchase from that you will get a commission thus you can make money online. This is healthy and helps to make passive income online. But you need a large user or a platform like YouTube, Websites, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

If you don’t have a large audience or platform don’t worry. With a large audience, your job becomes easy. Without this it ok.

Then you need:-

With this, you will get a passive income From home.

3. Write EBooks 

Are you passionate about writing books? then this is your chance. In this, you can make money by selling eBooks on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing platform and there are so many more platforms but Amazon is better.

With this, you will generate passive income while you sleeping.

You need to do the followings:-

  • You need to write eBooks
  • Publish on any platform
  • Give ads

After this, you started to generate passive income while sleep too.

4. Publish Audio Book 

Nowadays everyone is so busy. They don’t have time to read books at these circumstances hearing eBook and learning is the best option instead of reading books.

Do you have any specialized/advanced skill in any specific area? Then this is for you. Now no one like to read books, everyone needs to do everything easily.

This is our opportunity to generate passive income.

Follow will help you:-

After that, you started to make passive income.

5. Create a dropshipping website 

Creating a website for a dropshipping website is the best idea for making passive income with little investment.

Make dropshipping websites with Shopify or WordPress. With this, you can make income by selling products in Alibaba or your products. By selling products in Alibaba with your website you will get passive income using the online platform.

Need following:-

  • You need a clear and profitable niche
  • You need a website
  • You need to know SEO ( Search Engine Optimization)
  • Give ads

Start to sell products and make a passive income.

101+ Ways to Make Money Online in Your Spare Time

There is a chunk of people who are prudently utilizing their time and earning a humongous amount to find ways to make money online. With the advent of sharing economy or peer-to-peer commerce, people are earning a good amount in their spare time and this has already created a huge buzz in the market.

Sharing economy is a concept where you can display and sell your expertise, belongings, stuff, etc. and can earn a good amount against those things. In this post, we will mention best ways to make money online and you can earn some extra income with the help of sharing economy concept.

Share Your Art:

Creative Market: 

You can easily find a way to make money online by selling  your designs, photography, website themes, fonts and many more on creativemarket.com

Also Read:

Turning Art:

This is an art rental market place for the artists. Here, the artists can get royalties each time when their art is rented or when prints or originals are sold through this eminent site.This is one of the interesting way to make money online.

Website: TurningArt.com


This is a store which demands wedding invitations, stationaries or other home decorative items from the artists or photographers like you. You can earn cash or get a commission when your work is going for sale.

Website: Minted.com


This is a huge network and nearly 350,0000 artists are associated with this and are selling their creative work on this platform without paying anything. Here, you can control the price of your work. Check out the Redbubble  site for more info.


These three are the pre-eminent print-on-demand t-shirt sellers. Here, you can upload your designs and can create your storefront easily without any investments. Once someone purchases your design, you will get a royalty on sale.Check out the Cafepress website to explore more.


Here, you can create your own t-shirt designs and can market them to your targeted customers. But until your campaign hits a minimum target order, nothing gets printed or nobody needs to pay anything.you can check out the website Teespring.


This is an alternative to Teespring but here the price is quite low as compared to Teespring.For more Info check out Teechip site.


This is a community for independent artists like you. You can create your own store and submit the designs of your t-shirt. Here, you make the spread between the purchase price and the cost which is around $10 for a t-shirt.

Share Your Boat:


Here, you can rent your boat to your neighbours or localities who are looking for it. The rent range of a boat is $250-$900 per day.You may check out in  Boatsetter.


This is another popular peer-to-peer boat rental platforms for all the boat owners.Check out here.


This is also a peer-to-peer boat rental platform which operates in Europe. Please click here for more details.

Share Your Car:


Uber is a platform where you can share your car and can earn a good amount of money from it on a rental basis.

Please check on Uber website for more details.


If your car qualifies for Uber, then you can certainly join Lyft. Lyft also welcomes their new driver with a bonus of $250 for sign-up.

Please check on Lyft website for more details.


Turo is a leading company in the peer-to-peer car rental space. If driving people around Uber-style isn’t suit you, then you might consider this as an alternative.

Please check on Turo website for more details.


Their concept is similar t to Turo. With Turo, a car owner can earn up to $10,000 a year and rental periods as short as one hour.

Please check on Getaround website for more details.


Once you join Wrapify, your car will get covered with a giant advertisement and you earn money based on how far you drive. A common person can earn between $50-$100 in a week.

Please check on wrapify website for more details.


The company was established in 2012 and one of the leaders in this field. If you have a 2005 model year car or newer and drive 800+ miles a month, then you earn $300-650 per campaign with Carvertise.

Please check on carvertise website for more details.

Share Your Care:


Care.com is one of the biggest places for child care, senior care, pet care, and house sitting. They have 19 million members with them.


If you are a kids lover, then this could be an ideal job for you. Here, you can fix your own babysitting rates, availability, and geographic area you cover.

Please check on urbansitter website for more details.


Another prominent marketplace for child care. Here, parents used to post jobs in every 2 minutes.

Please check on Sittercity website for more details.


Here, you can chat directly with licensed therapists on demand. If you are a licensed therapist, you can create your profile and can earn up to $3000 a month.

Please check on Talkspace website for more details.


This is a marketplace for doulas and those seeking them.

Please check on Doulamatch website for more details.

Share Your City:


If you want to become a travel guide and love your city, then this could be an ideal place for you where you can share many things for your city to the travelers and can earn money.

Please check on vayable website for more details.


If you are an established professional tour guide, then you can use this platform to connect directly with your customers. In this way, you can earn money for a better life.

Please check on getyourguide website for more details.


This is famous in Europe and Asia. This platform hosts food and tour experiences in your city.

Please check on Withlocals website for more details.


Here you can make your own unique local tour experience and get paid when travellers join you. But this is available only in Asia.

Please check on Govoyagin website for more details.

Share Your Clothes:

Style Lend:

You can get paid for your designer clothes. You need to share your clothes on this platform. The company will store your clothes and you will get paid when someone rents an item of yours.

Please check on Style Lend website for more details.

Swap. com:

Sell your women’s and children’s clothes through this platform.

Please check on swap.com website for more details.


You can save money by borrowing or buying used designer clothes on Swapstyle. Even you can sell from your own closet.


Here, you can send in your unused clothes for consignment sale.

Please check on Thredup website for more details.


With Poshmark app, you can sell your designer clothes.

Check out Poshmark.

Share Your Data:


This startup will help you to earn money from your own data including what you choose to share on networks like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Choose what you want to share and with whom you want to share your data. You can earn up to $50 each time your data is sold.

Check out DataWallet.

Share Your Creations:


This is one of the prodigious peer-to-peer marketplaces for handcrafted items. You can find many things for your home, office, kids, closet, and more.

Check out website of Etsy for more details.


Here, you can sell your own unique clothing designs, jewellery, crafts, art, and many more things for indie artists.

View Storenvy.


This is a network of 50,000 independent creatives in categories like home, jewellery, handmade, and kids. You can create own online storefront for $4 a month and they even have a tool that lets you syndicate your Etsy listings.

Check out Zibbet.


Envato is the broad family of brands that connects creators of digital assets with those who need them. If you have an experience in creating website templates, WordPress plugins, stock videos, jingles, graphics, and 3D models, then this place will help you to grow and establish yourself.

Check out the website for more details.

Share Your Designs:

Design Crowd:

Here, you can submit your creative design ideas as per the client’s requirement and win money when they choose your design.

Check out Design crowd for more details.

99 Designs:

This is a reputed crowdsourcing marketplace for graphic design. If you are a def designer, then you can participate in the contests and win cash prizes if your design is chosen.

check out 99 Designs.


This is similar to 99 designs and Design crowd.

Refer here.

Crowd Spring:

Along with graphic and web design contests, Crowd spring also supports business naming contests, product naming, taglines, and marketing copy competitions.

Please check out Crowdspring.

Share Your Eagle Eye:


Scribendi hires proofreaders and editors who can correct client documents and can work remotely.

Check out Scribendi.

Share your words

Boost Media:

If you have a good writing skill or have a good grip on words, then this could be a great platform for you. You can earn money on this crowdsourced copywriting platform by mailing lucrative ad content for the clients.

Check out Boost Media Media for details.

Share Your Writing:

Amazon kindle:

Amazon is the largest peer-to-peer marketplace in the world for authors. Here, you can publish your work and can connect your buyers specially if your book solves a problem in a unique way.

Check out Amazon Kindle kindle.


NoiseTrade is a unique site where you can upload your book and can send it for free in exchange for an email address from the reader.

Check out Noise Trade Trade.

Copywriter Today:

This is a subscription-based content creation site. This is a good option for a part-time job for US-based writers.

Please check here.


Scripted is a high-end content marketplace. Here, you can set your own rates.

Please click here for more info.


These are a few of the content writing services that usually connect writers with people want their services.

Share Your Yard:

Camp In my garden:

If you don’t have an adequate space in your home for your guests, then with Camp In My Garden you can turn your backyard into a mini-campground and earn $10-30 per person per night.

check the website for more details.


SharedEarth facilitates gardening on the estimated 40 million acres of unproductive land in backyards. This platform runs their operations across America.

check Shared Earth Earth.

Share Your Expertise:

If you have an adequate knowledge of health, fitness, wellness, mindfulness and many other things, then you can share your experiences and give advice to the people who are looking for this kind of service. The expert Institute and PopExpert are the two platforms who will help you to share your expertise and skills.

Share Your Food:

There are many platforms which encourage you to share your food with others. These platforms actually bring the chefs and the food lovers together under the same roof. Eat with, Born Appetour, Feastly, Cook unity, and Leftover swap are some online platforms where you can share your food and can earn money.

Share Your Friendship:

There are many friendship platforms like whats your price and rent a friend where you can choose a friend for you and can spend an entire day with the person.

Share Your Handbags:

You can share your handbags and other accessories with the platforms like Bagborrowsteal and offer a lower price for your bag.

Share Your Healing Touch:

If you are a licensed massage therapist, then you can directly get customers who need a massage for their pain. Soothe and Zeal are the two platforms where you can earn money by giving massage to the people.

Share Your House:

You can also share a part of your house with the people who are willing to pay you a good amount of rent. Airbnb, Home away, VRBO, Home Stay, and Wimdu are some platforms who can help you to earn money by sharing your house.

Share Your Ideas:

Namestation and Innocentive are two platforms where you can share your ideas and creativity with people.

Share Your Knowledge:

Udemy, Skillshare, Coursmos, and 360 training are some platforms where you can share your knowledge or expertise for a particular subject and can get paid.

Share Your Language Skills:

 MotaWorld, Translate.com, Verbal Planet, Verbling, etc. are some online platforms where you can earn money by translating the text.

Share Your Legal Advice:

If you are a lawyer, then you can connect directly with your legal clients through LawTrades and UpCounsel and give your advice to them.

Share Your Love of Animals:

Rover.com and Pawshake are the platforms where you can do pet sitting and can earn money.

Share Your Money:

Prosper, Zopa, Lending Club, Fundrise, FundersClub, QuidCycle, PeerStreet, etc. are some eminent platforms where you can lend your money to start-ups, wedding purposes, and other things.

Share Your Muscles:

If you are an athletic coach, then you can give coaching on various platforms like CoachUp, Wello, and Dolly.

Share Your Office:

Rent out your extra office space on various platforms like breather, LiquidSpace, and Pivotdesk and earn money.

Share Your Pictures:

If you are passionate about photography, then you can share your pictures on platforms like Pond5, SnapWire, Fotodune, Foap, etc. and can earn money.

Share Your Skills:

If you are a knowledgeable person, then you can share your skills on platforms like TaskRabbit, Bark, Thumbtack, Handy, etc. and can earn money.

Share Your Space:

If you have extra parking space, then you can share your extra space with others. Several platforms like Justpark, Stow, Peerspace, Store next door, etc. encourage you to share your extra parking space with others.

Share Your Stuff:

You can share your stuff like the bike, handbags, and other things with people and can earn money. Zilok, Open Shed, and Use twice are the platforms where you can share your stuff.

Share Your Support:

You can do several local delivers to people who really need those services like grocery delivery, home delivery, etc. Wegolook, Instacart, Luxe, saucey, DoorDash, Washio, etc. are the platforms where you can earn money by giving delivery services to the people.

Share Your Voice:

If you have a good voice, then there are many places for voice over talent. Voices.com, ACX, Bodalgo.com, etc. are some platforms where you can share your voice.

The above, we mentioned a chunk of ideas for you where you can earn extra money for a better life. You can choose any of them and enjoy your life happily and contentedly.

How to make extra money online without paying anything?

We have covered plenty of the tips so you can make extra money online without paying anything to any one.

so many people want to make money online fast, but making money online is not that much easy, it requires 100% commitment and consistency towards your work.

Make money online using your blog

If you are a strong-opinionated individual with a flair for sharing putting them into words, then you can establish your career as an eminent blogger. Blogs are one of the most popular and easiest methods for a person to make money provided you have an adequate knowledge of how to and are willing to invest the time and effort into doing so.

Some basics of blogging

How To Make Money Online Using Your Blog

Before you can start earning money from your blogs, let’s discuss some basics of blogging.

Nowadays, the markets are crammed with several blogging platforms like Tumblr, WordPress, Blogger, Live Journal, Medium etc. You can choose any of the platforms as per your taste and comfortability.

Select your domain name prudently. Your domain name should be short and concise so that it can hit the mind of the readers.

There is a chunk of design templates are available in the market, so you can choose any of them or you can customize your own design.

Don’t forget to add plugins to your blog as they will make your blog faster and smarter.

Try to post some lucrative and intriguing content on your blog which can draw the attention of your customers. It would be great for you if you can post at least one new blog post on your blog.

How can you make money from your blog?

How to make money online using your blog

1.Enrol with Advertisement providers:

This is one of the simplest and facile ways by which you can monetize your own blog. There are several networks like Google Adsense, Viglink, and BuySellAds provide ads which you need to display on your blog. Generally, they will charge you a fee of 20% to 40% of your total earning for finding relevant advertisers.

Types of popular ads


Cost per Click (CPC) or Pay per click (PPC) are banner ads which can be placed either on sidebar or in-between content of your site. You will be paid for each when your users will click them. Popular example network for CPC or PPC is GoogleAdsense, Revcontent, BidVertiser Infolink, etc.

CPM Ads:

Cost Per 1000 Impression is popularly known as CPM Ads. In this type of ad, the agencies will pay you a fixed amount once it will touch 1,000 impressions on placed ads. CPM is the most effective way which will help you to earn money from your blogs. Because here you will be paid even if the reader does not click on your ads. But you need to have at least 1,000 visitors per day if you want to be paid. Some common and popular networks for CPM ads are Amazon CPM Ads, AdBlade, Propeller Ads, Conversant Media and many more.

How to start

At first, you need to sign up with the advertisers and need to apply for advertisements which you want to place on your blog. Once your application is approved by the advertiser, you will get codes for the ads. Once your users will click on those ads, your payment will be generated on the basis of per click. You can earn between $0.1 to $ 50 depending on the various parameters of your blog. If you are using WordPress, then go for Google Adsense plugins. Once you have an active AdSense account, Google will start posting ads on your blog. This will not only help you to earn money but also will help you in enhancing your traffic.

2.Direct advertising:

Once you have a good traffic flow, then this method of advertising is the best way by which you can earn money. Direct Ads or sponsored ads are independent which means you can select which ads you want to post on your blog. Unlike Adsense, here you have the controlling power. 3rd party Advertisement Networks also keep a considerable amount between you and the actual advertiser. But you can quote your price directly by eliminating the middleman.

How to find direct advertisers?

First, you need to create an “Advertise Here” page by giving all your information like Alexa Ranking, PR, Daily traffic, your Klout score and other details that are relevant to the advertisers. Then, use the below-mentioned tips to find Direct Advertisers.


Generally, most of the advertisers use Google AdWords for online advertising. So, you can search them by using your website related keywords. You can approach them by sending a mailer about your ad selling service.

Check other relevant blogs:

If you are a blogger, then you must have adequate knowledge regarding other popular blogs in your niche. Check what ads their advertisers are placing and now, you can approach them by some lucrative offers so that they can attract to your site.

Use Advertising networks:

Brands those who are advertising using third-party networks are the best to be approached for direct advertisement. They will be more interested because they don’t need to spend on networks and dealing with a direct seller is much more relevant.

3.Backlink commission:

Generally, backlinks refer to those links on your blog that refer to other websites. By incorporating backlinks to your site, you are referring to another website on a related topic. If you add quality backlinks to your site, then these can enhance your webpage appearing on Search Engine. The more links related to certain topics appear, the further it pushes itself up on the search engine. Though it is not profitable like direct advertisements on your website, still it gives you some revenue. But if you give too much of backlinks from the same article to multiple clients, then you may receive a penalty from Google does not encourage in buying and selling of backlinks.

4.Writing paid reviews:

Once you become a deft blogger in your niche, you will get an opportunity to write paid content for many eminent brands and companies. Reputed companies usually hire those bloggers who have an adequate experience in the field of blogging along with the technical skills and the marketing skills. The company  usually offers a fixed amount of blogging and thus, you need to find out those companies who encourage the bloggers. Below, we are mentioning some of the popular paid blogging sites.

Shared reviews:

This is a paid blogging site and they have near about 400 categories for blogger. The owner of the blog used to share half of the revenue generated through advertisement with writers.


Here, you need to write about 100-200 word review/post about their products or brands or service. You must have your own blog because the sponsored blog needs to be posted on your own blog.

Digital Journal:

Again another revenue sharing blog where you will get a part of the revenue generated from the ads.


Here, you need to write the content and the website will sell those contents on behalf of you. Revenue earned will be shared with you.

5.Affiliate marketing:

This is the best method by which you can earn money from your blog. If you can do this method properly, then you will get a chunk of money. But you need to invest a lot of time and need to do proper homework. Here, you need to place a product or service on your blog with an adequate information about it. When a user purchases the product or service from your website, you will be paid. But for this, you need a comprehensive knowledge of what type of products or services people are looking to purchase. If the product or service matches with the content of your blog, then this is the best way to monetize your blog.  But don’t over promote the same brand’s product or services.

You need to place the products between all your posts prudently and then you need to find the product or service with whom you want to affiliate. Now, you can apply with them and get an approval from them. Generally, most of the websites confirm the due amount within 24-72 and you will get 25-50% commission based on the sale value of the good.

Types of affiliate marketing

Pay Per click:

A company pays you whenever a customer clicks his advertisement placed on your site.

Pay Per Lead:

Generally, insurance and financial companies are interested in this type of scheme. Here, a contact form is placed on your website and you will get an amount whenever the visitors fill up those forms.

Pay per sale:

Here, the advertiser will give you a fixed percentage of the fee for each qualified leads.

Pay Per Performance:

A company will give you a commission range from 15% to 20% when a customer is willing to purchase or showing interest in buying by filling the contact form.

Some popular affiliate marketing sites are Commision Junction, ClickBank, Google affiliate, Snapdeal affiliate network, Amazon affiliate network, etc.

6.Sell your services and products:

You must aware of your skills and expertise, so exhibit and sell your services. There are many ideas that would work great in online mediums. You can start logo creation, website building services, SEO, Content services, photography and many other things that you want to offer your customers. Make a strong and robust portfolio by using proper colour, content, and theme. Do the proper SEO by placing the right keywords and make a strong profile.

7.Premium membership:

Premium membership sites usually charge a recurring fee for accessing the premium content. Premium membership is not suitable for the novice blogger, it is applicable only to the sagacious bloggers who have a plenty of experiences in the field of blogging. You can easily create a premium site access, services, products or newsletter for the unique content that you would like to offer to the readers. Don’t forget to create a special landing page with all the details about premium access because this will give a clear view and idea of what you are offering on your blog.

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How can you attract customers to premium membership?

Allow free premium downloads:

You can offer free eBooks or download services which will help you in building an email mailing list and in this way, you can encourage some new members to sign up.

Free online courses:

If you embrace your visitors with some free online courses, then they will definitely get attracted to your site.

Online publication:

You can also create some weekly or monthly publications for your visitors and can charge an amount from them for exclusive contents. You can even give them first 10 or 5 contents free and then for more contents, they need to sign-up.

8.Private forums:

Like paid membership, a private forum should be designed in such a way that it can attract your visitors. Members can pay on a monthly basis or on a yearly basis in order to access or communicate with the other members of the forum. There are many free forums, so if you are charging an amount from your visitors, then you need to provide them with an unparalleled and impeccable content that isn’t available in anywhere else.

9.Sponsored blog posts:

Sometimes a company or an individual wants you to cover a story for them like you need to write about their products or services or even case studies. They might be willing to provide you content or fill the template you have in place. But this will happen only with the eminent and experienced bloggers. These stories are called sponsored stories and you easily present those stories as a sponsored blog post.

10.Host a paid Webinar:

A webinar is a great way by which you can share your experiences and can enhance your customer base. But webinar also helps you to grow your businesses. The webinar has many similarities with online courses, but webinar is live and often includes a question and answer session. WordPress gives you an opportunity to host a paid webinar. Whether you are using your site to host the webinar, or just to advertise your webinar and register participants, it is very important for your webinar success.

11.Be a consultant:

You can monetize your blog by offering a consultancy service in your particular niche. If you have a good number of followers and you always stay connected with them, then this is a good opportunity where you can earn money. To entice your customers, you can also give a one-to-one consultation via phone or skype at a fixed rate.

12.Find a sponsor for your event:

If you are into event management services and used to organize workshops, hackathons, etc., then you must try to find the companies who will sponsor you for your events. This method will give you a plenty of options by which you can monetize in every aspect of your website. If your website has a huge traffic volume, then the advertisers will definitely give you the sponsorship because this will enhance their brand and visibility.

13.Write tutorials and teaching programmes:

The popularity of tutorials is astounding in these days because everybody searches for tutorials detailing how to do something. Everyone wants to teach others what they know about a topic. So, why not write a tutorial on a particular topic and then, publish it on your blog. This will help you to get a lot of traffic to your site. Now, from the tutorials, you can create online courses and encourage people to join your courses by paying a fixed amount. If you are a digital marketing expert, then you can create a one month course for digital marketing like how to become a digital marketer within a short period.

Making money from your blog is not a facile job but it’s not a very difficult process also. If you can invest some time and effort and can do your basic homework, then you can definitely monetize your blog. Hope, the above-mentioned methods will give you a plenty of idea regarding how you can earn money from your blog.

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