Review: Features, Pricing, Alternatives, Pros & Cons is a podcast hosting and distribution platform that helps you record, edit, host, and distribute your podcast. It also lets you publish your podcast on all the major platforms like iTunes, Google Play Music, Spotify and more within this tool.

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What is is a revolutionary podcast hosting tool that allows you to record, edit, host, distribute and monetize your podcast in one place. By using the site or app, you can upload your episodes to the cloud hosting service which can be accessed on any device. The app also has some handy features like a built-in voice recorder and editing software that can help to improve the quality of your podcast. Pricing?

It’s come with monthly and Annulay Pricing options

It has 4 options Alpha for $19/month (annually $190), Beta for $49/month (annually $490), Omega for $99/month (annually $990) and Theta for $199/month (annually $1990).

If you are starting your podcasting career then Alpha plan is enough for you. 

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Key differences between plans:

All plans vary based on Downloads/Month, Video recordings hours, Storage limit and Transcriptions limits hrs/month. 

So you can buy it based on your need, if you are starting I think Alpha plan is best for you.

Rest all features are same for all plans Such as Unlimited Podcast Shows, Unlimited Audio Recordings, Unlimited Episodes with Private RSS Feeds, RSS Feeds, Distributions to Spotify, ITunes,Google Podcast, custom domain and last but not list Dropbox or Google Drive Integration.

The ‘ Free’ plan: doesn’t offer Free Plan, but it offers a lifetime deal for $79 on Appsumo you can checkout this offer from here. 

How does pricing compare to that of its competitors?

One of the FREE alternatives to is by Spotify which comes with multiple features but it doesn’t give features such as Video Recording, Transcriptions facilities, Private RSS Feeds, Free Distributions to Itune, Dropbox or Google Drive Integration.

Key features


Based on different packages you will get various limits per month. No unlimited options you get in it 

Video recordings:

This feature also varies with package to package, higher the package higher to limit, no unlimited options with any plan. You can record 4k video quality content. 

Storage limit: 

Also varies with package, no unlimited options highest storage limit is 1TB and base plan come up with 100 GB storage

Transcriptions limits: 

This feature also comes with a cap on each package, there are no unlimited Transcriptions options. 

Unlimited Podcast Shows:

This feature comes with unlimited options. With 10 guests at one time with a simple link share. 

Unlimited Audio Recordings:

You can record Unlimited Audio with a studio quality with WAV audio and edit them within the tool. 

Unlimited Episodes: 

You can publish unlimited Episodes and analyze their analytics within the app. 

Private RSS Feed:

You get a Private RSS feed so that you can publish this in various distribution networks which require a private RSS Feed. 

Distributions: to Spotify, ITunes,Google Podcast:

WIth one click of a button you can Distribute your podcast to various podcast distributions channels such as spotify, itunes, google podcast etc.

Custom domain: 

You get a custom domain with, which helps you in branding your podcast in social media and other channels.

Dropbox or Google Drive Integration:

If you are looking to save your podcast for your future use then with you will get dropbox and google drive integration which can save a lot of time of uploading manually when you are working with a team.

Monetize you Podcast: allows you to put custom sponsored ads on your podcast to monetize, also you can create paid subscriptions podcast channels. 

Analytics dashboards:

The analytics dashboard from is a powerful tool for podcasters. It provides data that helps them make decisions about their podcast episodes and determine how successful they have been so far.

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What’s the best value plan? 

Appsumo Lifetime Deal is the Best Value so don’t miss out, buy it now! 

Click here to Buy review conclusion is a great fit for all content creators from podcasters, youtubers, small digital agencies owners and their clients. The platform is based on a simple principle, which is that it offers an opportunity for all content creators to earn money from their work.It’s not just about creating content, but also about being able to monetize it with the help of clever software and excellent rates.

Pros and cons of GetResponse

Pros of using

  • is a service that makes it easy to record remote interviews in studio quality for podcasters and media companies. It can be used to conduct interviews with experts, celebrities, and more.
  • You can edit podcasts easily with it allows you to download individual tracks from recording and merge their tracks, you can also add background image, logos and overlays in your video recording.
  • You get free Hosting with unlimited space and one click distribution to all major podcast distributions channels.
  • you can monetize you podcast with private podcast episodes for premium subscribers also create mini subscriptions for your sales funnel. 
  • Analytics dashboards of will provide insights about the audience.

Cons of using

  • The only con I feel is its pricing for its higher package. The software is very expensive for a beginner podcaster to invest in but, I think it would be worth it if he buys a lifetime deal with appsumo. alternatives is one of the Best Free Alternatives to this software vs comparison doesn’t come with direct interview, video recording, and transcriptions features, which do. So buying an All in one Podcasting tool for your Podcasting business is a good choice and will fulfill that need. 

Do you know any other Tools which offer these features as do, comment in below love to read them and try them.  

GetResponse review FAQs

Can I use for free?

No there is no free plan available for, but you can buy lifetime deal from Appsumo

Is easy to use?

Yes, is very easy to use, you can use it for your podcasting interview both audio and video and then edit them within the tool. 

How much does cost?

It has multiple plans but the basic plan starts at $19/Month and $190 for a year. But you can buy them for lifetime from appsumo for $79. 

Which is better, or is the best because it comes with multiple features which don’t have, and is All in one Podcasting Tools for your business.

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