How To Start A Digital Marketing Agency? Start Your Own Real Business

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In my previous sessions, I have discussed regarding different types of MSI ecosystems and today, I am going to describe an intriguing chapter regarding the same.

Today, I will discuss an industry on how to start a digital marketing agency and it is very powerful and provides a plethora of opportunities.

Expected Worth Of Digital Marketing

The industry is expected to reach $375 billion by 2021 and that industry is a digital marketing agency.

In India, this industry is expected to be $102 billion by the same time period.

Now you have certainly understood how worthy the digital marketing industry is.

These days, people are inventing money on digital marketing and earning a good amount of money.

Nowadays, more advertisements are coming through various channels like social media, Google, Amazon, etc.

Currently, Amazon is the 3rd largest ad distributor in the USA.

These are some places where you can give advertise and can earn a good profit.

Now, I am going to discuss How to start a digital marketing agency in this era and can utilize the maximum opportunity from this industry.

How to start a digital marketing agency, not a question it is a particular service which you can offer to anyone who is interested in this matter.

If you are looking into the statistics, then you might be astonished to know that more than 500 million people are using the internet in India.

So, this is a huge opportunity for advertisers who want to place their ads in this industry.

This market gives you a huge opportunity which you need to utilize wisely for your benefits.

I am sure now the first question will come to your mind How to start a digital marketing agency?

Before setting up an agency, you need to understand which particular niche you are going to cater in.

There are different types of digital marketing services that you can offer.

                  1.Website development

                  2.Mobile app development

                  3.Website designing

                   4.Digital marketing services like SEO, SEM, SMM, PPC, etc.

                   5.Affiliate marketing

                   6.Email marketing

All these segments are vast and in-depth. So, you need to understand your specialization in a segment before plunging into this industry.

Different Sectors Of Digital Marketing Agency

Social Media Agency

If you want to set up a social media agency, you can start it by presenting people’s products on various social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google +, Twitter, etc.

These are the most ad appeared channels, so you can go and start promoting your content or product here.

In this way, you can start your social media agency where you will only provide services related to the social media channels.

SEO Or SEM Agency

You can also start an agency for Google criteria where you can provide services related to SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (search engine marketing), etc.

These are the two paid and organic aspects in Google where SEO comes as an organic service and SEM comes as a paid service in Google.

You can start promoting your client’s website on Google by using these two services.

This will also be helpful for your clients as these services will uplift their site’s ranking in Search engine result pages.

These are some types of digital services that you can offer and start your own digital marketing agency.

Funnel Building

You can also provide complete digital marketing services like funnel building services where you can offer them a complete lead generation funnel, or you can give them a complete sell funnel which actually helps them to convert a prospect into a customer.

So, these are some services that you can offer them in digital marketing.

How Does A Digital Marketing Agency Work?

How to start a digital marketing agency? neither you need 100-200 clients, nor you need to chase them.

You only need a certain number of clients, but you need to serve them very passionately in a good way so that they can’t leave you.

If you serve them well, then it will automatically uplift their turnover.

Once they will get benefited from your services, it will improve your turnover also.


How to start a digital marketing agency?

You need resources to start your digital marketing agency.

There are many resources that you need to start your agency.

Human Resources:

These days only a few people have complete knowledge of digital marketing.

Those who are experienced (more than 5 years) and professionally trained can know every aspect of digital marketing (SEO, SEM, SMM, PPC, Affiliate marketing, e-mail marketing, etc.).

But these people are costlier which means you need to invest a chunk of money if you want to hire them.

Don’t take this financial burden at the initial stage of your agency.

That’s why I always advice to hire freelancers from upwork or or even from LinkedIn.

Because freelancers are easily available, and they don’t charge much without hampering the quality of the work.

You can even outsource your digital marketing jobs like website designing or content writing or app designing to these freelancers.

This will save a chunk of money for you as you don’t need to hire employees, or you don’t need to give rent for the space that you have acquired for your office.

So, first, hire freelancers and make your client base.

Once you have a strong client base, then you can go for investment and can set up your own agency.

So, you can start is this way if you want to become a part of this industry.

You don’t need any initial investment by purchasing an office or hiring employees rather you can just hire freelancers or outsource your digital marketing job at the initial stage.

If you want to start a digital marketing agency, At first you need to think about How to start a digital marketing agency, then I would suggest is that acquire some knowledge regarding this field.

Like what is digital marketing, what are the services that you are going to offer your clients, what is the result that your client will expect from you after getting your services, and so on.

These things you should know first before entering this market.

Because you can’t rely on your sources until you know the industry very well.

You need to understand how this industry works and how can you grow in this industry.

So, this way you can start your own digital marketing agency and can start generating a good resource of income.

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Hope this information regarding digital agency gave you plenty of ideas on how to start your own digital marketing agency.

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