How To Start A Podcasting And Make Money Online

Hi friends, hope you all are well. Again, I am back with my new MSI session.

I have already discussed different types of MSI ecosystems in my previous articles so that you can choose the most suitable one for you.

Today, I am going to discuss a new MSI system regarding how to start a podcasting.

Start a podcast industry is a good and intriguing industry where you can easily build up your own audience.

A plethora of statistics has done by the study firm Nelson & Edison and as per them, at present, 5.5 million active podcasts are there.

Hope, now you have understood that there are so many people who actually watch and loving podcasts and starting a podcast.

Some other studies have also claimed that there are nearly 18.5 million episodes are there and more than 100 languages these episodes are recorded.

Are you thinking to start

So, the opportunity and market are fathomless in this industry.

There are some particular niches which most of the podcast channels used to cover.

These niches are,

  1. News & politics
  2. Health
  3. Society & Culture
  4. Comedy

If you are a blogger and want to enhance your digital influence, then start a podcast would be a great option for you.

Nowadays, video marketing is very dominating and till 2025, this will continue And this is because these videos are very convincing and compelling and that’s why people love to watch them.

But, after 2025, there will be a market for audio or podcasting because people will not find enough time to watch the videos.

Hence, they will prefer this podcasting or audio marketing.

You can listen to these podcasts anywhere while doing your basic activities like in the gym, driving, and so on.

Many studies have claimed that smartphone users are the fastest consumers of this particular podcasts.

Podcasts ad revenue is nearly 659 million dollars.

Now, hope you understand the value and importance of podcast.

If you are into a market and want to increase your value, then podcast would be your ideal place.

Now take the example of Fatflynn.

He started a podcast and generates around 2Cr per month.

You need to understand how he started a podcast and how he built his audiences or tribe around a podcast where he can refer them to a product or service which they can buy directly.

How can you set a podcast?


This is the first requirement if you want to start a podcast.

There would a topic or a set of topics where you can talk about at least 100 episodes for that.


There should be a basic format for podcasting.


You should have a treasure. Treasure is basically what your audiences will get in the episode.

2.Intro music:

This is basically an introduction speech regarding you. A voiceover from another person would be great for this kind of intro music.


Now, you need to welcome your audiences to your show.


Then, it comes to the ad part where you can run your ads. If you have any personal ad, you can run it in this part. If you don’t have any personal ad, then you can run other affiliate products’ ads. That’s the way, you can use this particular platform as your MSI platform.


This is the core session of your podcast. If your podcast is a kind of interviewing, then, in this particular part, you are going to interview others. If your podcast doesn’t demand any interview (you are the only person who is talking), then this is the main part where you are going to put your main content.

6.CTA section (call to action):

Now, there will be a CTA section where you will ask your listeners to take some actions like go and check out some pages, go and do some actions, and so on.

7.Outro music:

This is the music by which you are signing off the show.

These are 7 steps that you should follow if you are preparing to start a  podcast.

What are the types of equipment that you need to set up your own podcast?

A mic:

To set up a podcast, you need a good quality mic so that you can record your voice properly.

You can go to a Yeti mic.

The price of this mic is around Rs.10000.

This is good for the starting of your podcast.

Editing software:

once you have recorded your voice properly, now you need a professional editing software in order to edit it impeccably.

I use ScreenFlow to do this, but there are some kinds of other software like Adobe Audition, Audacity, etc.

which will help you in your editing job.

Once you have finished with your editing, then you need to submit your podcast on various directory channels like iTunes.

But before that, you need to host these podcasts.

When you are recording a podcast, you need to upload that on a particular platform, and we called it a podcast host.

Some of the platforms are


Buzzsprout is an eminent platform where you can go and host your audio.

When you host your audio, you will get an RSS feed.

Once you got the RSS feed, you can distribute it on various podcasts.

Now, you can take those podcasts and publish them on different platforms.


Apart from Buzzsprout, there is another platform called Transistor where you can go and publish your podcast.

But if you are a novice and want to start your first venture, without investing a chunk of money, you can record your podcast by using your phone.

There is a podcast hosting platform known as where you can easily record and upload your podcast.

When you upload your podcast, that will automatically send to various podcast directories like Stitcher, iTunes, Spotify, etc.

This means your podcast will automatically get updated on these platforms.

But you need to remember that you should create content on a regular basis, or you should try to engage your customers by sharing important tips and lectures.

Now, we are going to discuss the marketing part of your podcast.

You have created a beautiful podcast, now, how are you going to drive traffic to your podcast?


For this, you need a website.

A WordPress website would be a great choice in the initial phase.

There, you can transcribe your audio content into the text format(blog) to engage your customers.

If possible, go for a video recording for your content.

This means you are using three types of content format (blog, audio, and video) to drive traffic to your podcast.

Now, you can go for an SEO which will uplift your ranking in Google.

In this way, you can generate traffic for your podcast.

Several studies have claimed that podcast listeners are the most loyal customers.

Because they are very much focused on their industry and work.

So, if they like your podcasts, then they will certainly come to your episodes to listen to your session.

You just need to spread the information when you are conducting your episodes.

So, this is all about how to start a podcasting.

Hope, this article gave you plenty of information regarding how to start a podcasting and how can you enter this industry to build up your own MSI.

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