Review: Best & Cheapest Ahrefs Alternative?

Content optimization has gained much popularity in the market. With the best Keyword Research tools, it becomes easy to find niche-specific and accurate keywords for your content. 

The biggest advantage of having a keyword research tool is that you will just have to input a seed keyword and can obtain relevant keyword results based on the popularity and the visibility you can earn by using these keywords.

New products and software get added to the market every while and then, however, it is important to know and understand how they work and how they add to your convenience and benefits when compared to the existing tools.

It was a surprise to find out the new keyword research tool in the market, called keysearch. co, and we feel it would be a kind of excitement to know more about the tool. This tool is affordable and works cool when compared to Ahrefs which is the best available keyword research tool in the market. 

Keysearch page

This keysearch review is mainly aimed to give an idea about the tool to the small to medium businesses and bloggers who can’t afford the pricing of Ahrefs.

What does a Keyword mean?

Keywords can be defined as the phrases or words people generally use to conduct their online search using search engines.

In short, the keywords are questions readers need an answer to. 

You should select keywords that go hand-in-hand with the topics or the subject you want to discuss in your content. 

Also,  you can include the keywords in your title, body and also the conclusion,  but this should be relevant and stuffing is not good.

 By using keywords in your content,  you fulfil the user intent. User intent is the behaviour or interests of the audience who search for the content. 

What is Keyword Research? 

Keyword research is the practice where you search and find the keywords that you can use to make content. If you are keywords,  you are improving the chances of getting ranked by Google.  Also, it improves the organic traffic on your website. 

The aim of everyone who posts content would be to get ranked by Google,  isn’t it?  Keywords can help you to get there if you know to use the keywords at the right places without stuffing them. 

You have to find the keywords that can help you to get visible and build content around those particular keywords. Some content might need small tweaks where you can fit in the keywords and let it get ranked high.

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What is Keysearch?

Keysearch is the most effective and cheaper alternative to the keyword research tools like SEMrush and Ahrefs. It is a combined package of all necessary SEO elements like keywords, backlinks, competitor research, rank checking and analysis etc.

We could find the tool so helpful since the tool is the most affordable and useful for every small business or everyday writer, with the SEO solutions making it easier to rank in the SERPs.Moreover, it becomes so handy to track the progress of your SEO too. 

Why we recommend Keysearch over Ahrefs

 Keysearch over Ahrefs

An SEO tool that can be comfortable, affordable and useful simultaneously, is a dream of all the marketers across the Internet. Don’t you think so?

Such tools let you perform better and make you feel on top of the competition. Ahrefs is that kind of tool, in fact, one of the best SEO tools available in the market. Ahrefs has many features ranging from keyword research, rank tracking and analysis, backlinks analysis, etc. But, Ahrefs is not an affordable keyword analysis tool for everyone.

Confused why?

Well, there is an answer to it. Unless you are a big company, or an established firm with a big budget for keyword research and having continuous requirements, say like for every day, with an SEO keyword tool, then the Ahrefs tool is for you.

Else, if this is not your cup of tea, if you are a blogger, a writer or a startup, and you believe in building your content and get more traffic initially.

In such circumstances, budget and quality speak a lot. Here, we could find keysearch amazing- a tool that fits all your SEO requirements at an affordable price. If you have just started with your content process, and you need to build good visibility with a perfect SEO assistant, then keysearch can probably be the best option to help you with your blog or your business. 

Features of Keysearch. Co

The features of keysearch are as follows:

  • You can perform an in-depth keyword research
  • Detailed Competitive analysis
  • Make use of the Keyword difficulty scores checker
  • Brainstorm niche-specific ideas
  • Rank Tracking
  • Conduct SEO competition analysis
  • Perform Youtube competition research
  • Backlink checker and analysis
  • Find difficulty scores easily
  • Webpage audit analyzer

Benefits of using Keysearch

1. The tool is an SEO powerhouse 

Keysearch is one of the best tools available in the market with all the features you need to spy on your rival websites. The breakthrough is that there are search engine specific, niche-specific and keyword specific results you obtain, which improves the comfort level while you build content. 

Once you are ready with a seed keyword, and you enter this in the search bar, then the tool is ready to generate numerous results based on volume, trend, and various other factors. You can also refine your searches with the help of associated keywords too.

2. You earn visibility easily

Search engine visibility is the dream of every blogger or a marketer or even a business. Now,  with proper use of SEO,  you drive traffic to your website.  If you carefully use keywords and make your content unique,  then the search engine would love your content. 

With key search, this process is going to be flawless and smooth.  The keysearch comes with all the essential SEO features with which your content can be visible to a wide range of audiences. This way you drive more traffic and conversions for your website.

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3. Competitors analysis and monitoring

With the keysearch, you can use the competition analysis feature and get real-time analysis of the competitor websites. You will be able to use on-page and off-page factors to analyze the keyword difficulty score. You get exclusive results to use for the SERPs too.

It is better when you compare the results and understand the gaps. With keysearch competitive analysis, you can generate a lot of content ideas and keyword ideas, and keep a track of competitors to bridge your gap.

4. Better blogs with content assistant 

Your blogs are going to be catchy and highly visible with the content assistant. We have come across several tools like with similar content writing aids. However, the keysearch tool stands out with the best solutions to keep your blogs outstanding and content-rich.

 It is a great idea to use a combination of the keysearch tool and content assistant feature to get the best keywords for your blog or article writing. With effective use of the competitor analysis feature, you are going to ace the content quality.

How Keysearch works

How Keysearch works

Keyword Research Module:

With Keysearch, you can easily find the trends and the search volume of a particular keyword. It is also easier to find the Cost-Per-Click results of the searched keyword. Another advantage is that you can analyze the competitors who rank for particular keywords and use them for your content purposes. You can easily find all the related keywords based on the volume, CPC, PPC etc.

To analyze the keyword difficulty, the keysearch has implemented precise algorithms. It is helpful to set the search engine preferences for your specific keyword needs. The tool helps you to make real-time keyword checks.

The ‘check’ option next to every keyword in the results section helps you to view the search trends, traffic and other details for each keyword separately. You may view the keyword suggestions and also export them instantly into your document or database.

The tool has a simple and easy to navigate design, where you can also get results based on locations as per your preference.

With the Quick Difficulty option, in the Keyword Research section, you can conduct research based on the analysis on how difficult the keywords are to be ranked for SERPs.Also, with the My lists option, it is easy to view already saved results, if exists.

The keyword difficulty or the level of competition is represented by different colours for easy understanding. For instance,

  • Light blue means that the keyword is very easy( low competition keywords)
  • Light green represents that it is fairly easy
  • Green is for easy to moderate
  • Yellow is moderate difficulty
  • Light red is fairly difficult
  • Red means the keyword is difficult to rank 

In the brainstorm section of keyword research, you can easily get search engine wise results based on what the people search for on the Internet. You can also get many ideas related to the particular topic around which you wish to develop the blog or article.

Explorer Section:

There is also an Explorer section, which helps you to find out the domain strength, the target score, backlinks available etc. It is useful to get the referring domains, the information about the competitors and the backlinks they use and an overview of the links as well.

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The best part of Keywords explorer is that it informs you about the estimated traffic and the ranking keyword counts. You can get a clear idea about the domain authority or the chance to stand top in the SERPs. Also, you get a good picture of the backlink building with this tool.

Competitive Analysis Section: 

Competitive Analysis

Once you enter the competitors’ websites manually, it gives you all relevant details regarding the particular website. 

With Backlink checker, you can monitor and track the strength, anchor text, backlinks, and the referring domains of the competitor websites. It helps you with your link building technique. Using the export option, you can transfer the information to your document or Excel sheet as required. 

The Organic Keywords option is very useful to gain information about the keywords used by the competitors for ranking online. Once you enter the domain of the competitors’ website and search, you can get the keywords they rank for, and specifically the positions of every ranked keyword.

The Competitor gap analysis option is present, where you can use it for making comparisons for the keywords the competitors rank for and the keywords your site ranks for. You can know the gaps and easily work on improving your on-site performance. The best part is that you will be able to find excellent keyword ideas you never imagined for yourself, from this exciting feature.

The URL Metrics help you to make a note of the  Page Authority, Domain Authority, Domain Strength, Backlinks, Authority, traffic, and other information regarding the competitors’ websites.

Page Analyzer option enables a detailed analysis for a particular page and derives findings based on the image source, keywords used, SEO links, insights and reports and all related details of that particular webpage. All these details can be downloaded as pdf or you can export CSV of the same.

Youtube Research Section:

YouTube is a trending social media platform,  and it requires some basic research before you get ready to post content on YouTube. The best part of the keysearch tool is that it enables a good YouTube research feature,  where you can get great insights for developing and optimizing your YouTube content. 

With YouTube research,  the basic steps to YouTube content optimization can be quickly done. 

First, search for a relevant topic connected with your content planned,  and check for the ranking, views,  competition,  people searches for that word, search trends for the related topics, and also learn the keywords to target for your content.

The Youtube research option offers the following metrics:

Age, which tells you how old the video is, or when the video was taken.

Views, those days the number of views a particular video got.

DescMatch, which says if the keyword you search is present in the video description.

TitleMatch, those days whether the title in the video matches your keyword.

With the Youtube difficulty option,  you can segregate the words based on the difficulty to rank them on the platform.

Youtube list shows all your previous saved lists if they exist.

Rank Tracking Section:

With the rank tracking section, you can use the competitors’ domain as the input and get results based on their rankings. Once you enter the competitor website URL, you can derive the keyword results in ranking order. 

It is also easy for you to monitor the status and you can change the location preferences, according to your wish. The keysearch brings updates to the keyword rank tracking every day. It provides an easy-to-use interface.

Content Assistant:

The content assistant is similar to the writing space, where you can write the document based on the suggestions on Search Engine Optimization provided by the keysearch assistant. Also, you can copy and paste the text from a document or Word, to review your content. Here, you can input a particular search keyword in the search bar. 

The keyword is analyzed and based on it, suggestions and results will be displayed by the content assistant that eases your writing process. All the information, including the, ‘must words’ to be included in your content, the word count to be followed, the recommended keywords to be added into the content, and the relevant keyword research results will be displayed as a result of your search.

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You also have suggestions based on the related questions that people usually ask on the Internet, the results based on SERPs, the top URL keywords and many other features. You can easily export them to CSV for your project use.

The research tab is where you can get relevant snippets from all the other top-ranking pages. The question tab is similar to the ‘People also ask for’ tab in Google you usually come across. The SERPs tab displays the results on the first page of the search engine results. Here, you can get the title, URL and word count too.


Ahrefs cost $99 per month. And paying this huge amount every month is not that worth for an individual or a growing organization. For this reason, we had set our journey to figure out the best alternatives that would help to fulfil all the major SEO needs in an affordable keyword research option.

keysearch pricing

Though Ahrefs has features that no other tools can cover completely at an affordable budget, we still wanted to find something great with almost all the important features that the tool had portrayed.

Among the tools we shortlisted, keysearch was the winner. The pricing of Keysearch is so satisfying. With all the major features covered, keysearch proves to be the cheapest alternative to Ahrefs, and most interestingly, it serves all the SEO requirements without fail.


Free Trial

A free trial of this all-in-one SEO tool is amazing. And yes, keysearch. co offers a one-month free trial, where you can explore five daily searches and analyses, get the help of the content assistant, access the Youtube research option, and get reporting/API access. 

Starter Plan

The starter plan comes with 200 daily searches and analysis, Youtube research option, content assistant, rank tracker for up to 50 keywords, competitive analysis access, and reporting/API access. And, all the exciting features get covered under a feasible budget of $17 per month, which is quite an affordable option.

Pro Version

The pro version is the king, with all the SEO features at your convenience. This plan offers 500 Daily searches and analyses, a Youtube research option, content assistant feature, rank tracker for up to 150 keywords, competitive analysis access, and complete reporting/API Access. You get every feature-packed in $34 per month, isn’t that interesting?

And if we speak about the annual plan, it’s just mind-blowing. The starter plan is available at just $169 and the Pro Plan comes with $279, which is huge savings. Can’t find something more affordable than Keysearch with all the features combined. And that’s why we recommend you to use them for the best experience. You can also save more with coupon codes for the keysearch discounts available on various websites.

Other Alternatives For Keysearch

The tools like Ahrefs and SEMrush are some alternative tools for keysearch. However, they are quite expensive. And while you use the Ahrefs difficulty metric particularly, you have certain things to be kept in mind. 

Ahrefs use only the backlinks as an important measure of the keyword difficulty determination. Here, the text on pages, length and related factors are not used as major factors behind the competitiveness of a keyword. 

The Ubersuggest is yet another free tool that is very popular among content marketers too. However, the data is not 100% reliable, and the features keep changing continuously. SEMrush is also a tool widely used for SEO and SEM needs. Apart from serving SEO purposes, the tool offers content marketing services. 

However, tools like Ahrefs and SEMrush are expensive, and cannot be afforded by small to medium-sized businesses. Hence, keysearch is a good-to-go option even when these alternatives are considered.


Keysearch is the perfect and cheapest alternative for Ahrefs. With keysearch, you get suggestions and keyword recommendations that will be helpful in your SEO writing journey. Though the tool doesn’t cover every feature of Ahrefs, still it has almost all major features covered in an attractive package. 

The Ahrefs tool can be affordable to large companies, where the bills don’t create a headache for the people. Whereas for the individual writers and startups, it becomes difficult to bear the cost of the keyword search tool. Here, an affordable option like keysearch can be something you can rely upon without a second thought.

Particularly, if you are in search of a tool, and if you don’t want to use it that often too, the Ahrefs tool is not affordable; instead it can be an investment without returns. In such cases, keysearch. co can help you with all the necessary features important for the SEO analysis.

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