Getresponse Review – A Complete Email marketing Solutions

It can be even tough to brief your expectations to some marketing agency and get it done. You might have already heard about GetResponse, but may still be confused about whether to proceed with the software. 

Isn’t it the best, when you have a completely tailored online marketing solution that helps you achieve your business goals? I would like to share the GetResponse review, based on my experience using the best and ideal email marketing software.

What is GetResponse?


GetResponse is an online email marketing software that can get you more audience, and let them engage and improve sales online.

It is altogether, a simplified tool that enables you to send emails, create landing pages, build automation in marketing, get statistics and analysis, and have responsive email designs.

The software is highly reliable; you can see that there are more than 3,50,000 customers spread across 183 countries using GetResponse.

GetResponse is an inbound marketing software with 15+ years of experience and provides high-quality marketing solutions helping businesses to grow.

With simplified and strong solutions, you can get benefitted from the customized and scalable business solutions.

GetResponse can be a perfect tool to go for if you are looking for a solution that builds targeted subscriber lists, newsletters, video emails, campaigns, and many more.

Who Can Use GetResponse

GetResponse is a perfect software that delivers email marketing solutions to the following:

getresponse users
  1. Entrepreneur
  2. Digital marketer
  3. Marketing Managers
  4. Small, mid, and large companies

Perfect Email Marketing Tool For Marketer

You can use a valuable list of your prospects, partners, and clients; develop relationships with them to build a responsive customer base as you have expected, with the help of GetResponse.

Following are the features that make GetResponse the perfect email marketing tool for marketers around the globe.

1.Engage with customers

GetResponse is the best tool that keeps you engaged with your potential and existing customers with targeted marketing practices with assured conversion.

2.Grow your audience

You can search and find new customers and also build your mailing lists with many lead generation tools. This can help plenty of unknown connections to your loyal followers.

3.Sell your knowledge

Get your audience to engage with your content and build a good follower base, thereby making your business profitable.

4.Boost online sales

 You can promote your online business, regardless of the niche it serves and can provide experiences that help you to convert the visitors into valuable customers.

GetResponse – Key Features

getresponse review

GetResponse is a robust all-in-one marketing platform &  provides many features that other email marketing tools fail to give you. Here are the unique features that made me realize the value of this amazing software.

1. Create Complex Automation Sequences With Ease

Use the automation builder to build the autoresponders as per the user behavior.  

You can create up to 5 automation on your Plus plan and unlimited automation in other plans higher than the Plus plan.

2. GetResponse email templates

You have hundreds of email templates available from GetResponse. There are hundreds of email templates available. With GetResponse email creator, you can make use of web fonts in your newsletters. 

It is quite interesting to note that the templates are all responsive, and can automatically suit the devices they are being viewed upon.

3. Analytics and Reports

GetResponse has a lot of analytics and reporting options, about which I have always been super-excited.

  1. One-click segmentation to identify and segment the people who have not engaged with your newsletter for retargeting.
  2. Metrics over time, where you identify the time your subscribers take action.
  3. Email ROI where you add code to the post-sales page and find how your email campaigns drive sales and make ROI.
  4. Per-user information where you can see the sign-up or location information of your subscribers.
  5. Newsletter performance comparison report.

4. Split testing – A/B Testing

You can send variants of your newsletter to people in your subscriber list. This can help you to analyze the two types of newsletters and make a decision. 

Monitor the performance of both and get the best version for your marketing purposes.

5. Autoresponders 

These refer to the newsletters mailed to your customers at the frequency you choose. 

This can be either a welcome message followed by a subscription, a discount offer or even a prompt to follow on any social media platform. 

Through the Getresponse autoresponder,  you can send time-based or action-based messages.

6. Design High Converting Landing Pages Within Minutes

getresponse landing page

The campaigns must make use of the landing pages. A clear landing page is attractive and creates more conversions.

There are hundreds of landing page templates to choose from, and you can easily create landing pages that are highly responsive.

What are Swipe Pages? What is the use ? would you please check Swipe Pages for a detailed review.

7. Grow Your Email List With Data capture and forms

Add an HTML form of your style, or you can pick your favorite from GetResponse templates.

In the latter option, you have the privilege of adding the form to your website with a Javascript code snippet. 

This also enables you to create forms for both mobile and desktop versions, and enable CAPTCHA for spambot blocking.

8. Manage Your Contacts With Tags and Custom Fields

Another attractive feature of this software is that you are able to add tags and contact fields, including the personal information in your contact list.

You can customize this feature easily and have a neatly maintained list.

9. Use Advanced Segmentation for Better Targeting

GetResponse has set up options where you can send emails to more than one segment of people at once.

This is the competitive advantage of GetResponse compared to its competitors like Mailchimp or Aweber.

10. Create, Host, and Manage Large Scale Webinars

GetResponse enables you to host webinars on the platform. This can be useful for both lead generation and revenue generation.

Compared to the other webinar solutions, it has a very attractive and competitive price to offer. 

Depending upon the plans, you have a cap to the number of viewers permitted in a single webinar session.

Your participants need not install any software to attend these webinars, you can have one-click webinar records, screen sharing, and video sharing feature,  upload Powerpoint Presentations, and get free online storage for the playback files too.

11. Manage The Complete Customer Lifecycle With GetResponse CRM

The software is highly easy to use. It has a good interface and also key features are highly accessible. You can also import contacts, make an email campaign, have the analytics, and also make use of autoresponders.

It has a catchy drag and drop interface so that the software doesn’t crash.

12. Social media marketing

social media market

You are able to promote and sell your digital products or services with the best email marketing approach adopted by GetResponse.

It has grown with powerful strategies to make your campaigns hit the target.

13. Lead generation

With the effective implementation of GetResponse’s services, you will be able to get more conversions than expected.

The platform helps to convert the visitors into customers through effective landing page creators, email templates, and much more.

14. E-commerce functionality

It is helpful to integrate your e-commerce store with the plugins using your GetResponse email marketing software.

The e-commerce tracking feature is also beneficial to know and identify the purchase behavior of your potential customers.

15. Create Complete Marketing and Sales Funnels With AutoFunnels

Apart from using as a single email marketing tool, GetResponse also provides the best feature, called auto conversion funnels. 

You can create a product catalog, run ad campaigns, create landing pages, drive traffic, get more sales, just anything and everything is possible with a single software!

16. Apps and integrations

GetResponse can be hooked to hundreds of other tools or applications easily. This can be done with Google Analytics tags to an email campaign as well.

You can also use the Application Programming Interface(API) to integrate the applications quickly with GetResponse.

17. Getresponse deliverability

GetResponse provides you the deliverability rate of every message in your mail analytics.

A good deliverability rate ensures that the mail you send reaches the person as intended.

GetResponse has an overall deliverability rate of 99%, which is quite interesting and exciting.

18. GDPR

Getresponse provides clear information about GDPR fields and responsibilities. You are able to use a two-factor authentication process, which is highly secure.

However, GetResponse’s landing page is not GDPR compliant and this needs an improvement here.

19. Easy to use

The key features are highly accessible. There is amazing segment management, and it does not crash, making it easy to use and have a good UI/UX.

20. Customer support

You have phone support if you are on an enterprise-level MAX plan. Otherwise, you can make use of live chat or email support.

I have been highly satisfied with their chat service, and there is very less wait time to chat. 

Their email support is available in 8 languages: English, German, Polish, Spanish, Russian, French, Italian, and Portuguese.

Pros And Cons 

GetResponse Pricing & Free Trial – How Much Does It Cost?

getresponse price details

GetResponse has several affordable plans that come with 4 different upgrades, which I will be discussing here. Have a look at them below:

1. Basic

The Basic version is available for $15/month.

This is affordable pricing available compared to the other competitors.

This package offers you a limit of 1000 subscribers to be added to mailing lists. You can send emails and get engaged and have 1 sales funnel and autoresponders in this package.

2. Plus

Plus version is available at $49/month.

Here also, you have a limit of 1000 subscribers but, it offers more services where you can generate leads, sell products, and grow profit.

There are 5  sales funnels and 5 webinar funnels offered, along with a webinar package where you can have 100 attendees.

You can also enjoy the automation builder and the contact scoring and tagging feature.

3. Professional(PRO)

PRO features are available at $99/month. 

This is helpful to optimize your results with pro automation and integration.

It offers 1000 subscribers mailing list, unlimited automation builder, web push notifications, paid webinars with 300 attendees, unlimited sales funnel and webinar funnels, and on-demand webinars.

This is highly recommended to you. Go for PRO and you will never regret it!

4. Custom Pricing(MAX)

You can get a quote for this plan. Here, everything is PRO and more. There are paid add-ons for transactional emails. 

You can enjoy multiple accounts and users, along with account migration support.

 The team management and single sign-on features are other bonus factors. Webinars have up to 1000 attendees limit too.

This is mainly created aiming at businesses looking for high-performing and multi-transactional email uses. This is typically an Enterprise plan for very large companies and establishments.

Now, what about a free trial?  Yes,  GetResponse has a free trial for 30 days, in which you don’t require a credit card. 

With the free trial,  you can have 1000 contacts,  however, the unconfirmed and removed contacts are also counted in this 1000.

You can access the webinars feature,  but limited to 10 participants. 

There are third-party ads available while using the trial version. 

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You have a limit of 1000 unique visits for all landing pages in the account. Once this is completed,  the account is removed from online. 

To every message you send,  a GetResponse badge is added. 

Key Differences Between Plans

Every plan covers the email marketing essentials and the basic features like:

  • Import, grow, and host the subscriber list
  • Landing page creator
  • Themes and templates for newsletters
  • Split testing
  • Autoresponders
  • Segmentation of lists
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Responsive email designs

Here are some differences when Basic, Plus, Professional, and MAX versions are compared.

1. Automation builder

This is the feature of the software, where you can create an autoresponder based on the user pattern.

This is only available in Plus or higher versions.

2. Conversion funnels
conversion funnel

You have more conversion funnel access only while going for higher-priced versions.

3. Webinar functionality

The webinar feature is not present in a Basic version. 

And also the number of attendees is capped for each version.

4. User account management

The basic plan incorporates only a single user account, this is 3 on Plus, 5 on Professional, and 10 on Enterprise plans.

5. Abandoned order recovery feature

Only in plus or higher versions, we have an abandoned order recovery system.

GetResponse Alternatives

It is obvious to have alternatives for Getresponse in the market. Aweber, Mailchimp, ConvertKit, Clickfunnels, and Sendinblue are some of the popular alternatives to GetResponse.

1. Aweber Vs GetResponse

Aweber Page

Aweber is a very well-known tool, and the advantage of this tool compared to GetResponse is that it provides phone support and now comes with a free plan, where you can freely host 500 contacts.

2. Mailchimp Vs GetResponse


Whereas Mailchimp is somewhere similar to GetResponse, but the unique feature is that it integrates more quickly with other services. 

What is Mailchimp used for ? More details about Mailchimp

However, Mailchimp is expensive as it charges for even the unsubscribed contacts in your mailing list.

3. ConvertKit Vs GetResponse


ConvertKit is another tool that is best for signing up the subscriptions while GetResponse is perfect for salespersons. 

While GetResponse charges for the duplicate sign-ups, ConvertKit never charges for it.

The best part of GetResponse is the Webinar automation autoresponder workflows builder which is not present in the ConvertKit.

4. Clickfunnels Vs GetResponse


Clickfunnels is mainly based on sales funnels whereas GetResponse is easier to use and has sales funnels along with many other marketing tools available.

If you need more depth details about Clickfunnels, please check this Link..ClickFunnels Review

5. Sendinblue Vs GetResponse


Sendinblue can boost the campaigns suing SMS marketing technique while GeResponse has a Webinar marketing solution

GetResponse Review Conclusion

With GetResponse, you get almost every marketing solution on a single platform. This includes email marketing, landing page creation, sales funnels, webinars, CRM, and automated solutions. 

I found it interesting because of its affordable pricing with exciting features packed together. I could get satisfied with very reliable and neat design, themes, and templates along with the automated features that made the marketing process much simpler.

It also shows cost-effective methods to host databases and communicate. It has predictive pricing which is competitive in the market, and very unique with so many services under a common software.

We cannot think about this best marketing solution which provides every service together in a single package, and the free trial version for 30 days is again a boon.

I was impressed with all the above features and it had already hit the mark besides having some areas to improve, like the landing page interface and GDPR compliant cookie consent features.

Try GetResponse Free version and enjoy using the software, so that you get an idea of how it works. 


  • Why use Instapage or Clickfunnel when GetResponse already has a landing page builder?

Drag and drop features in the GetResponse landing page need improvement. However, Instapage and Clickfunnel have an advanced landing page builder that has good features and thereby builds UX and improves conversion rates.

  • How does Getresponse pricing compare to that of its competitors?

GetResponse remains competitively priced in each version upgrade. Even when GetResponse doesn’t provide any free plans unlike other competitors who do, it has a competitive pricing structure for all plan levels. but it gives you a 1-month free trial without a credit card.

  • How good is GetResponse for email marketing?

GetResponse provides all-in-one marketing services, including email marketing, landing page creation, CRM, advanced automation, webinar, sales funnel, and best user-friendly and customized solutions.

  • What are the best competitors to GetResponse?

The competitors to GetResoponse are Aweber, Mailchimp, ConvertKit, Clickfunnels, Sendinblue, Campaign Monitor, ActiveCampaign, and HubSpot Marketing Hub.

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