Which is Best Selling? EmailOctopus Or Mailchimp-[2022]

EmailOctopus Vs Mailchimp Which is better? Let us start to discuss, You might be familiar with Malichimp, as it is a very well-known email marketing software. It already holds around 60% of shares in the market and around 12 million global users. This ensures the popularity of the company in the market around you.

Also, many users log in to find the features that Malichimp has but then they find even more features than they actually needed. Before it was just an email provider and then developed into an all-in-one-marketing solution, just with the fact that it is way bit costlier.

Meanwhile, the time period of September 2019 to August 2020 has been getting popular over the years when compared to the previous period. Therefore, with no doubt, this is the reason why Mailchimp Alternatives like EmailOctopus have been gaining popularity.

As a business owner, it’s a perfect thing for having Mailchimp alternatives that provide multiple options and help them to satisfy their needs at less cost. 

Coming to EmailOctopus, it’s a great alternative for Malichimp because it would make you concentrate completely only on email marketing, avoiding other things like social media, etc.

Feature Comparison – EmailOctopus Vs Mailchimp

EmailOctopus Vs Mailchimp
EmailOctopus Vs Mailchimp

Let’s start with comparing the features of Mailchimp with EmailOctopus, and let’s get to the conclusion that what should you actually choose for yourself:

As it’s known that Mailchimp is mainly known as an all-in-one marketing tool for small businesses. This means that it goes beyond the main idea of email marketing and has additional features like sending direct mail via Mailchimp, also it is way more costly too.

Whereas, as we say what EmailOctopus is for, we do offer the same pure and simple only email marketing rather than providing unnecessary features.

And after realizing that people are paying more for the unnecessary feature in Mailchimp, that really makes the customers move from Mailchimp to EmailOctopus.

In the pdf below it is mentioned about both the features completely, so that you will be able to compare both of them in a right way. EmailOctopus has a one-time subscription plan, where Mailchimp has over 3 subscription plans which makes it costlier. But as said always the greater the price the more features you receive. It’s the same with EmailOctopus too.

And we have made it easy for you to select as we have included the cheapest price and the feature provided in EmailOctopus against the price and feature in Mailchimp.

Price Comparison – EmailOctopus Vs Mailchimp

Mailchimp Plan details
Mailchimp Monthly plans

As we have already with comparing features of each other now we will be comparing the price of each other:

EmailOctopus plans
EmailOctopus plans

The above table compares the price of essential plans with EmailOctopus and Mailchimp’s pro plan. It can be seen that the largest subscription plan of Mailchimp starts with 50k, the prices shown here are just about the standard plans.

Key Differences – EmailOctopus Vs Mailchimp

So here is a key difference between both of them. There is no doubt in saying that Mailchimp has much more features when compared to EmailOctopus. But what is the use of it when even after paying you are not going to use them because you don’t require such automated features. Though EmailOctopus has less features, it provides you with the relevant features at an affordable price and that’s fair enough.

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So below is the quick review of key differences between EmailOctopus and Mailchimp

•Mailchimp stops providing free access when they reach 2000 subscribers, though before reaching 2000 subscribers they also restrict access to certain features. Whereas, EmailOctopus provides completely free access to the first 2500 customers, the same as the paid ones.

emailoctopus Grow your audience

•There is another reason why EmailOctopus turned out to be cheap as they let your unsubscribed contacts on your lists for free. But Mailchimp doesn’t do it so they charge for them too.

•When you go on comparing EmailOctopus Vs Mailchimp then the main difference that you are going to find is the level of segmentation and automation. This is because Mailchimp provides all features and acts as a CRM but that’s not in the case of EmailOctopus, they are for email marketing tools only.

•As mentioned Mailchimp is having 3 different subscription plans they are going to 3× more price.

Whereas, EmailOctopus provides you the features with fair pricing which is exactly suitable for email marketing and lessens the burden of price by around 60%.

Professional email tools built to grow your business

Pros and cons of both platforms:

Pros of Mailchimp :

  • As Mailchimp has advanced features like Advanced Automation, because of the customers’ purchase behavior users can create automated marketing workflows. Also it can reply to the messages showered in the cart and product recommendations automatically and the credit goes to direct integration eCommerce platforms like Magneto and WooCommerce.
  • Due to the feature of direct integration Mailchimp is able to attract third party tools and API as much as they can. This means to get connected with their most used online applications it’s not necessary for the users to use an app like Integromat or Zapier.
  • As Mailchimp has a feature of advanced segmentation too, users will be able to segment their customers using custom form fields or tags or users can also segment using group contact whom they have already created an engagement in automated workflow with.
  • It has additional marketing options. Mailchimp creates posts for Facebook, Instagram and for many social media platforms to increase engagement with the passing days.

Cons of Mailchimp:

  • As it has been mentioned already that Mailchimp is too costly. It forces the users to upgrade to the advanced features even though they choose no to use it.
  • Mailchimp costs more to import your own template. If you are satisfied with the template you are having then it’s way better but if you’re planning to create a new one for building templates in future. Then you have to get upgraded to the standard plan for which the users have to move and the exciting thing is EmailOctopus provides it for free.
  • As a beginner it’s not necessary to have all the features. If you are simply starting a newsletter for a business or only email marketing then these features are just not for you.

Pros of EmailOctopus:

  • The key advantage of EmailOctopus is it clearly focuses on email marketing. So as a beginner it would be a better option if you are starting a newsletter or an email marketing. This also avoids users from getting confused and letting them get confused with the features and send their campaigns.
  • We believe that everyone follows the rules but never spam. That’s the reason that we allow both affiliate marketers and crypto and give them a platform in our zone rather than rejecting them like how Mailchimp does.
  • We offer our plans with reasonable prices to our users by making them save upto 60% on their email marketing costs.
  • As EmailOctopus is having only a pricing plan they don’t for you to get upgraded for the new version. That means we don’t ask for any other extra charge even though the engagement grows further.

Cons of EmailOctopus

  • EmailOctopus doesn’t have advanced features like automation or segmentation. But it is well developed with autoresponders and segmentation with a time limit which is more than enough for small businesses, creators and entrepreneurs.
  • EmailOctopus doesn’t provide a high number of direct integrations. But thanks to apps like Zapier and Integromat which lets  EmailOctopus connect with over 2000 and more online tools. But then users have to after a certain point as apps like Zapier lets free access to their users only to a certain number.
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The final verdict for the comparison of emailoctopus and mailchimps. Emailoctopus is more cost-effective with lots of features for the users. But on the other hand, mailchimp also has a variety of features. If you are money concise go with emailoctopus otherwise mailchimp is best. 

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