Where to buy a domain name without hosting for your startup?

if you are planning to start a new business and you have confusion on where to buy a domain name without hosting as you have not decided where to host.

And you don’t want to get your unique domain idea get stolen from someone.

Domain name is very important, while buying a new domain these are some tips you need to keep in your mind. 

Tips Before Buying a Domain: 

  1. Have a memorable domain name – buy domain which is easy to remember and easy to type.
  2. Avoid slang terms, they mostly mean to local area or certain type of audience only, but when you are targeting golably try to pick something global. 
  3. Buy a shorter domain, it is easy to brand like acodez 
  4. Try to have .com domains only, avoid any other kind of TLD
  5. Never buy trademark domain or domain having trademark terms like bestamazonbuyersguide.com here amazon is a trademark term. 
  6. Don’t buy a domain similar to a famous site like gogle.com, it is very hard to rank for your brand name if that name is already there. 
  7. Avoid hyphens in your domain name, if you still want to buy, have only 1 or 2 hyphens in your domain name. 
  8. Avoid numbers in your domain name, if you want you can use numeric 2 as two, like incometwo.com. 
  9. If possible check availability of social media channels before buying a domain that will help you in your branding later on.  
  10. A little hack works very well if your domain has your main business keywords in it, that will be helpful for your audience to understand about the business by looking into your keywords such as avivdigital, where digital is a keyword. I have also seen having keywords in your domain will help you to rank for the keywords fast. 

These are some tips you need to keep in mind before buying a domain.

Here is a tool called leandomainsearch.com which will help you to find the domain name idea for you easily. 

Here is how you can use this tools

leandomainsearch.com to get idea about domain name
Finding Your Domain Name IDEA for your startup

Type your keywords which you want with your domain name, such as uncle, and click the search button. 

giving keywords idea for domain name
type the keyword you want to include in your domain name

Now you will see, multiple suggestions with domain name idea, now you can click the one which you liked, and you will see something like this. 

checking availability of the domain with domain registrar
check the availability of the domain with your domain registrar

The best part of this tool is, this will show you the domain name idea and at the same time it will find the availability of the domain with domain registrar. 

Not only this, it will also tell you about the twitter handle for your domain name available or not, for the above image that is not not available. 

Now the next question is what is a domain registrar role here in domain buying. 

Domain registrar sites are those sites where we buy our domain for our business. 

There are so many Domain registrar some of the famous one is godaddy, namecheap, Google Domains, etc. 

There are some basic things you need to know before finalising a domain registrar. 

How to choose the perfect domain registrar

These are some points you need to focus on before buying a domain 

  • Check the price status, some domain registrars play with prices. They show very less price for the first year and once you go for renewal they will charge you a high cost, so be aware of what you need to pay for renewal. 
  • Also check for the domain transfer, some registrars charge for that also, so verify that it won’t be so high in that case. 
  • Some domain registrars like mine godaddy, namecheap also offer hosting services, and they offer domain free with their hosting services, that will be a cheap option if you want to buy both at same time, but keep in mind that you need to choose the right registrar for it. 
  • Also look for some extra with this with your domain like whois gard service protect your personal data from net, so that you won’t get sneaky sales call just after purchase of the domain, like get your website build for this much price etc. most of the registrar offer this as free service, try to have this with your plan. 
  • Also last but not least check their customer support, which is very important during the renewal process. 

Here are my two favorite domain registrars, I recommend my students and Clients to buy. 

  1. Namecheap [Get 40% Off on Domain Name from Namecheap]
  2. Goddady [Get 50% Off on Domain Name from Goddady]

How to register a domain with Namecheap:

Registering domain with namecheap is an easy process, 

If you are in India you need to make sure that your bank debit card accepts the international payment.

If you buy from namecheap, they don’t charge GST, so you get a domain cheaper than any other domain registrar.

Maybe in the future they may include GST but as of now they don’t charge. 

Here are the simple step how you can buy a domain from namecheap 

First go to namecheap.com and search for your domain name

Like i did in above image digitalvipin and then click on that magnifying glass

Now it will provide you the available options like this 

If .com domain is not available it will show like this, also it will show you other TLD options. 

Now you need to click on the add to cart. 

When you do that you will see something like this

Here they will show you other options if you want to buy with them, you don’t need to add any thing as of now here. 

Now you can click on the Checkout button and go to payment options. 

Now you will see something like this namecheap will offer you a 1 year whoisgard which protects your personal information, so you take that and click on the confirm order. 

You will see other options also in the bottom but you don’t need to add anything. 

Once you click on the confirm order, you need to create an account with namecheap and you can pay to namecheap with your debit or credit card. 

How to register a domain with Goddady:

Registering domain with godaddy is same like namecheap, here is some step you need to follow

First go to godday.com and type your name of the domain you are planning to buy and click on the magnifying glass 

Now it will show you various options available there

If that domain is not available it will show you something like this, where you can get their help to buy this domain form the owner. 

But you don’t need to worry more about that, you just go and check other options available with .com. 

We recommend to buy .com domain only, we have already given you the tips on how to find a good domain name for your self. 

Now once you finalize the domain, add to chart 

Here in this image you can see that I have search for a new domain name, and .com TLD is available for it.

Now you see godday marketing they are showing Rs. 199 for the domain but you will get that price when you buy a two year domain where 1 year it will get charged with Rs. 199 and another one will cost you in the price of Rs. 1049. 

So it’s better to purchase for two year that build more trust in google eyes as you are not there to misuse the internet. 

That will help in your credibility in google eyes.  

Now click on the add to chart. 

Now they will try to sell other products with you if you have a budget then make sure you buy privacy protection. 

At last you pay with different payment options and buy the domain with godaddy. 

Now you have a domain, the next step is to buy a good hosting plan for your domain. 

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