Onpage SEO Checklist

Optimizing URLs:

  • Keep them short, evergreen, and include target keywords.

Title Tag Optimization:

  • Add keywords, use modifiers for organic CTR, and limit characters.

Meta Description Optimization:

  • Include keywords, keep it compelling, and within character limits.

H1 Tag Optimization:

  • Include keywords and use only one H1 tag per page.

Subheading Tags Optimization:

  • Use subheadings with keywords and prioritize H2 and H3 tags.

Body Content Optimization:

  • Include keywords in the first 100 words and ensure a minimum of 300+ words per page.

Readability Optimization:

  • Use rich media, improve dwell time, and decrease bounce rate.

Image Optimization:

  • Use ALT tags, keyword-rich file names, and optimize file size.

Internal and External Linking:

  • Build internal links, link to authoritative sites, and optimize for rich snippets.

Content Freshness:

  • Keep articles up-to-date, maintain spelling and grammar, and focus on length and depth of content.

Open Graph Optimization:

  • Ensure relevant data for engagement on social media platforms.

Technical SEO Considerations:

  • Utilize sitemaps, robots.txt, AMP, and ensure responsive, mobile-friendly sites with SSL certification.

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