What is Direct Marketing or Multi Level Marketing (MLM)? and Make Money by MLM

Start To Make Money With Direct Marketing

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In my previous sessions, I have discussed regarding different types of MSI systems which you can select to build up your own multiple sources of income and to strengthen your financial status.

Today, I will discuss what is direct marketing?

Direct Marketing is a very popular and common word in this era and most of the people have adequate knowledge in this.

Basically What Is Direct Marketing?

Direct marketing is where a retailer used to sell his products to the customers directly.

Without any advertisement or any marketing, a product usually reaches to the hand of the end customers by a refill through a customer.

Many companies are preferring this method because there is no marketing and advertising cost, hence the product cost is also less.

One more thing, the commission (the budget which is left behind) is given to the marketers who promote these products.

So, this is the main thing in the direct marketing business.

There are two types of direct marketing

1.Single-level marketing

2.Multi-level marketing

Single level marketing:

In single-level marketing, a single person takes the products and then, he sells them to door to door customers.

Multi-level marketing:

In multi-level marketing, there is a pyramid system.

This means you can ask people to become partner under you and when they start promoting and selling the product, you will get the commission.

You can even add people under you as downline and start promoting or selling the products.

Now, you must be thinking about how it is related to digital, well let’s discuss this.

But before discussing, I am going to share some statistics regarding this direct marketing.

In 2015, it was $184 billion industry and in 2017, it was around a $190 billion industry.

Now, it is a $200+ billion industry which a huge prospect and promise.

Some popular marketers who are using this method are Amway and in the Indian market, there is Modicare.

Apart from these two, there are many companies who are generating a good amount of income through direct


These marketers are targeting three main industries for this direct marketing.

1.Wellness industry (nutritious, health and weight-related products)

2.Cosmetic industry (cosmetics and beauty products)

3.Household products (kitchen equipment or cleaning products)

So, these three are the main industries for direct marketing.

Now, you might be astonished to know that in the wellness industry, more than 35% of products are selling through direct marketing and that is the power and prospect of direct marketing.

One more information is that Anway is alone $8.6 billion industry, so you have understood how worth of Amway is.

In India, around 3.9 million people were involved in direct marketing in 2015.

But in 2018, more than 5 million people are promoting these kinds of products.

These are some valuable statistics regarding this industry.

How This Related To Digital Marketing?

How can you add this business into digital so that you can start it as your one of the sources of income?

For this business, you need to acquire leads.

These leads are the one who will actually buy your products or will become your partners.

To sustain in this business either you need to sell your products, or you need to sell your partnership.

Funnel :

In digital space, you have an option of building a funnel where you can show them the opportunity of this business and the income that they can earn through this funnel.

Once they join in the funnel and share a lead, you can run this funnel as an advertisement, or you can run this funnel ad on Facebook and acquire a lead and give this lead to your upline.

This business is very helpful because your upline (the person who brings you to this business) will give you his full support as he will get a commission if he supports you utterly.

Once you get the leads, always give it to your uplines and they will do the business for you.

At the initial stage, you should do this to make a strong base.

Hub :

Start your own hub.

A hub is basically a training programme on the digital platform like Teachable.

You record your video or training and upload those things there and share with your team.

You can even keep a live webinar, or you can go for motivational videos and try to engage with them with these digital things.

These days digital media have immense power, so try to utilize it wisely.

In earlier days during 2005 or 2006 there were no digital media.

when I tried my first direct marketing.

So, this is a good opportunity and you should try this to build up your own MSI.

This industry will give you a longer prospect as there is no quick money earn scheme in direct marketing.

You also need a team if you want to get success in this industry.

I will always suggest for multi-level marketing because of the team, the upline support, etc.

that you will get here are simply commendable And I made my base in this way.

So, build your team for a longer prospect (for at least 3 to 4 years) and then, you will certainly be happy with your recurring income.

That’s all for direct marketing.

What is direct marketing? is over now.

If you are into this business, then utilize digital media wisely for your direct marketing.

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As per your interest, you can choose any of them and start making your own MSI ecosystem.

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Hope, you guys got enough information regarding what is Direct Marketing.

Just leave your comment and feedback, and I will certainly get back to you.

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