Best 14 Digital Marketing Courses in Kochi

The definition of digital marketing is the same all over the world. Digital marketing means promoting your products on digital media platforms. Digital marketing usually points to marketing campaigns which pop up on computers, phones, and tablets.

It can take multiforms including online videos, ad displays, and social media posts. Digital marketing is frequently compared to traditional marketing such as print broadcasts, phone, direct mail, and outdoor advertising like billboards.

Digital marketing is also called online marketing. In this article, you can see the 14 best digital marketing courses in Kochi.

Importance of Digital Marketing

Any type of marketing will help to flourish your business. Now digital marketing has become so important because of the availability of digital channels. It is said that around 5 billion internet users are there globally. There are various ways to use digital marketing tactics, from social media to text messages for communication with the targeted audience.  Moreover, digital marketing costs and upfront costs, and has cost-effective marketing tactics for small and medium enterprises.

We’ll be further discussing the 14 best digital marketing courses in Kochi based on the syllabus, fee structure, duration and so on.

Aviv Digital

Aviv Digital is the foremost digital marketing academy that you can find in Calicut and Kochi it was introduced by Acodez IT Solutions which is one of the leading 10 Digital Marketing Agencies in India initiated in 2011.

It has new definitive digital marketing coaching on all parts of Kerala, middle east for the Malayali community, after embarking on Aviv Digital in 2018. Aviv Digital was the 1st academy to start an Agency Based Digital Marketing training in Kerala in 2011, under the brand name Acodez. 

Aviv Digital has given the coach more than 5000+ students worldwide through both online and offline classes too.

Aviv Digital coaches’ module has gone around to self-reflective proceed towards online marketing as they interchange their syllabus every so often to make sure that their students should be personalised, modernise and applicable curriculum to instruct their career.

Owing to their personalised coaching perspective, 70% of the trading break through the old student they suggest to their family and friends. 

Why is Aviv Digital number one in the row?

Aviv Digital individualised coaching procedure, personalised syllabus, new-fangled curriculum, undergoing in griping with clientele confer added boundary to their contender.

Their worth of coaching is to coach their students to take on the parent company which is frequently based worldwide.

Aside from their worth of coaching, their outstanding positioning records, and skills always make them the top number one.

As Aviv Digital put forward diploma courses for 6 months in a year in digital marketing which cover 4 months of classroom coaching live impute steadfast guide and finally 2 months of clientele’s impute at Acodez.

Apart from this Aviv Digital contains 3 months of certification courses and an Advanced Diploma Digital Marketing course for 8 months.

3 phases of coaching 

Aviv Digital helps students to follow and develop their skills in digital marketing.

Phase 1- Classroom coaching + Assignment 

Phase 2 – Independent project + Guidance 

Phase 3- Live session with clients + presentation 

These 3 phases are a distinctive method of coaching which helps them out in customised coaching activities for their students.

Digital marketing placement and hiring partners kerala

Course Syllabus 

Aviv Digital is enfolded by modules which consist of major modules and minor modules.

Major Module

  1. Social Media Marketing 
  2. Facebook Marketing 
  3. Instagram Marketing (Instagram Sales Funnel, growth hacks, tools, influencer marketing etc.) 
  4. Pinterest Marketing (Pinterest Ads & campaigns set-up, conversion setup, custom audience etc.)
  5. LinkedIn Marketing (Profile Optimisation, Networking, Ads setup with custom audience) etc.
  6. Twitter Marketing 
  7. Snapchat Marketing (Snapchat basics, ads, and tags setup) etc
  8. Social Media Tools such as Buffer, Hoot-suite etc.
  9. Social Media Reporting with Data Studio  
  10. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) (Keyword research, content marketing, on-page optimisation, off-page optimisation with advanced link-building practices, paid tools overview, etc, other tools google search console, tag manager, GA4) 
  11. Local SEO (GMB Setup, Local SEO Best practices, Ranking strategies)
  12. WordPress Website Setup
  13. Search Engine Marketing 
  14. Google Ads
  15. Programmatic Advertising 
  16. Data Analysis and Tracking (Google Analytics UA & GA4 setup, goal and event
  17. Affiliate Marketing 
  18. Content Marketing (Inbound Marketing, Content Marketing, Content Calendar)         
  19. Email Marketing (Basics of Email Marketing, Automation setup, List building, Mail chimp Set up) etc

Minor Module

  1. Vlogging mastery (Channel Setup & optimization, YouTube SEO)
  2. Podcasting (podcast tools and Setup, Anchor FM Setup, Content    Planning Calendar
  3. E-Commerce Mastery (Print on Demand Setup, Drop Shipping)
  4. Book Publishing Mastery (eBooks Publishing, Print Books Publishing etc)
  5. Online Course Creation (Course Curriculum Creation, 5 days WhatsApp class Setup)
  6. Native Ads (Campaign Setup & Optimization, Outbrain and Taboola Campaign Setup)
  7.  Chat Bot mastery (Many-Chat Setup, Automation Setup etc)
  8. Marketing Automation (IFTTT Setup, Zapier Setup, Pabbly Connect etc)
  9. WhatsApp Marketing (Business Account Setup, WhatsApp API etc)
  10. CRO (Google Optimize, Landing Page Optimization, A/B Testing etc)

Course highlights

Online zoom video calls meetings daily with the group including recording.

• Seven days 10 hrs of coaching at the classroom centre.

• Provides recorded meetings.

•Separate question and answer Meeting.

•100 Percent Placement.

•Live meetings with clientele and good experience in evaluation. 

• Customise live forecasts and assessments on constructive subjection.

•International authorisation 15+ includes Government Diploma authorisation. 

Apart from this, there will be two-month full training on live projects and meeting experience with experts.

Our Students work on Brands like

Course Faculty 

In our institution we give more importance to the quality than the contender as the institutions coach them to employ our major firm called Acodez, so we mainly focus on coaching other than anything else.

So that’s the reason we opt for skilled experts who have experienced concepts and oversee the project in addition to clientele.

Here are a few lists of our trainers:

Digital marketing experts

The authorisation that is provided 

International Authorisation of 15+ which incorporates (Google, Bing etc) Central Government endorsed diploma authorisation, Aviv Digital Marketing Course achievement sanctioned by Acodez IT Solutions and authorisation for two months of an internship once you complete your project assessment effectively.

Course period and fee

We provide a 6 months Diploma Course in Digital marketing in which 4 months is classroom coaching and 2 months of live client project internship is INR 45,000 including tax.

Digital marketing scholarship

Contact Details

Phone number: 91 8156 998844


Website: is one of the most dominant Digital marketing guides in Kerala and a Digital Marketing trainer in Kerala. We provide independent coaching and classroom coaching too in Digital marketing.

Even if you are the one who is a businessperson or an earning individual who can upper-class your business then that person will be the best way out for you.

Vipin Nayar has managed 100+ corporate coaching both online and offline in Kerala and the Middle East. Through classroom coaching, online coaching, and workshop he had coached above 5000 students in his professional career. He has given conferences about Digital marketing to more than 500+ clients all over the world.

Course Curriculum 

Module-1 Social Media Marketing 

(Customer Avatar, Content marketing, Creation and Optimization)

  1. Meta Promotion 
  2. Instagram Marketing (Instagram Sales Funnel, Growth Hacks, Tools, Influencer Marketing)
  3. LinkedIn Marketing (Profile Optimization, Networking, etc.)
  4. YouTube Marketing (Channel Setup and Optimization, YouTube SEO etc)
  5. Social media platform tools like Buffer, Hootsuite etc
  6. Social Media reporting with Data Studio
  7. Chatbot Mastery (Many Chat setups, Automation Setup etc) 
  8. WhatsApp Marketing

Module-2 Search Engine Optimisation 

  1. SEO (search engine optimisation)
  2. Search Engine Optimisation tools analysis 
  3. Local Search Engine Optimisation 
  4. ASO (app search engine optimisation)
  5. Electronic commerce SEO
  6. WordPress page setup (Buying Domain and Hosting, WordPress Basics, Theme setup and Customization)
  7. SEO proposal creation and SEO reporting

Module- 3 Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

  1. Google Ads
  2. Campaign Optimization, Google Search Ads, Display Ads, Video promotion, Phone App promotion and purchasing promotion
  3. Remarketing, Conversion Setup, Google Merchant centre setup 
  4. CRO (Google Optimize, Heat Map analysis, landing Page Optimization

Module-4 Data analysis, Tracking with reporting 

  1. Google Analytics UA and GA4 Setup, Goal and event setup
  2. Data Studio Setup
  3. Marketing Automation

Module- 5 Affiliate Marketing

  1. Affiliated system setup, Niche Selections
  2. Amazon Affiliate, Affiliate Blogging, network setup and Content Blogging
  3. Native Ads (Campaign Setup and Optimization, Outbrain and Taboola Campaign Setup)

Module- 6 E-mail Marketing

  1. Email Marketing System setup
  2. Email Automation setup, List Building etc
  3. Email marketing campaign setup

Course period and fee

The course period is a total of about 3-4 months with which the fee consists of INR 45,000 in which it’s your wish to take individual seminars by endowing INR 25,000. offers by individually you may communicate with him.

Course Highlights 

pursue individually trusted counsellor

•zoom meetings included recordings

• assured clearing queries 

• International authorisation and interview experience

Course Faculty 

Vipin Nayar has experience of more than 11 years and he is the one who attends the class both online and offline. He has experience interacting with more than 500+ clients from different industries and moreover, he has experience in coaching more than 5000+ students all over Kerala and the Middle East.

Student Testimonial

Aviv digital testimonials

Contact Details

      Phone:  +91- 8943547629


Organic Digi School

Organic Digi school is an institute which has experience in digital marketing services located in Cochin. In Organic Digi school, there are 5 sections a syllabus with a duration of 3 months and live training on real projects. The eligibility required is Plus two/Degrees/Diploma.


Areva Digital

Areva is a well-developed company that provides real-time exposure to Digital marketing core concepts which is based on Ernakulam. In Areva Digital institute, there are 19 modules for the digital marketing course with morning, afternoon, and evening batches. The course duration is 3 months Plus 3 month paid internship at Cochin, Calicut, and Trivandrum.


DM Wizard

DM Wizard offers an excellent digital marketing training program in Kochi with a 2-month digital marketing course and a 4-month digital marketing course. The   2-month course includes a syllabus of 4 sections and the 4-month digital course includes 8 sections.

To learn more: dm.

Evoke Digital School

Evoke Digital School is a Multinational Digital company having an office in Cochin. Their team is a consolidation of creative brains with experienced experts in providing web and digital media solutions. The course they offer is a master’s in digital marketing with a syllabus of 9 modules.


Digital Skill Master

Digital skill master is a recognized digital marketing academy with many trainees. It is an institute with a long-serving tracking record with search engine optimization and Digital marketing.

Some of the courses in DSM for digital marketing are:

 Online Digital Marketing (15 Modules), Advanced Diploma in Digital Marketing (2 Months training ), Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing (3 Months duration), Digital Marketing Certified Professionals( 2 months plus one-month Optional Internship)


Zeon Academy 

Zeon Academy provides quality training in digital marketing for students to access their career or company or business to the next level. The course provided at Zeon Academy is Advanced in Digital Marketing.

The highlight of this course is:

The course covers 9 modules with a duration of 60 days. The academy provides morning batches, afternoon batches and evening batches for digital marketing courses.

For more course details email 

Internet Leads (ILT)

Internet Leads training is a digital marketing institute based in Kochi with 15+ years of experience as a trainer and global certifications. 

Courses offered in Internet Leads are Digital marketing-in depth consist of 8 modules with a duration of 100 Hrs.

Contact at:

Digi Acharya

Digi Acharya is a training institute in Cochin dedicated to researching new trends in digital marketing and helping young professionals learn and explore.

Courses offered: 

Diploma, Advance Diploma and Postgraduate Diploma in digital marketing Which covers 18 lessons in 90 hrs, 30 lessons in 180 hrs and 46 lessons in 270 hrs. 

Contact details:

The Kreative Academy

The Kreative academy is one of the top Digital marketing institutes based in Kalamassery, Cochin.

The course offered in this academy is the Digital Marketing Xpress certification program with a course duration of 55 days and live sessions of 450+ hours and 3 months of on-Job training certificate.

Digi mark Academy 

Digi Mark Academy is one of the digital marketing institutes in Cochin and a comprehensive solution for the channels of digital marketing in Kerala.

The course offered by Digi mark Academy is 

Diploma in Digital Marketing: This course covers 5 lessons in 3 months.

Advanced Diploma in Digital Marketing: The course covers 3 sessions in 3 months.


One Team Solutions

The course offered in One Team Solution is Advanced Digital Marketing overs  

12 modules with a duration of 4 months. 

To know more about the course details email


 Tecswan is one of the leading Digital Marketing institutes in Cochin which provides quality certification in different IT fields, especially in Digital Marketing.

The highlight of the course for Digital marketing in Tecswan includes 

120 hrs of Program Award Benefits, 300 hrs of Program Certificate Benefits, Free Internship, Module wise learning, Real-time practical Learning and 100% Placement.

Contact details:


What is the fee for a Digital Marketing Course in Cochin?

The average fee for a Digital Marketing course is 10,000 to Rs.60,000. One of the best digital marketing institutes, Aviv Digital charges a fee of Rs. 45,000+Tax extra whereas charges 60,000+ Tax for his one-to-one sessions on Digital marketing for working professionals.

What is the fee for a Digital Marketing Course in Cochin?

The average fee for a Digital Marketing course is 10,000 to Rs.60,000. One of the best digital marketing institutes, Aviv Digital charges a fee of Rs. 45,000+Tax extra whereas charges 60,000+ Tax for his one-to-one sessions on Digital marketing for working professionals.

Which is the best Digital Marketing course in Cochin?

As you found in this article the best 14 Digital Marketing institutes, Aviv Digital’s Digital Marketing course is one of the best institutes available in Cochin. Third-stage training sessions provided in Aviv Digital, 1 to 1 monitoring sessions, live projects, and real-time work experience on client projects give them deep knowledge and confidence in their careers.

Which certification is best for Digital Marketing in Cochin?

Digital Marketing is a Practical oriented course and the certification you receive after completing the project is more important than any other.  Aviv Digital offers an exclusionary certificate for completing the project.

What is the qualification for Digital Marketing?

There is no certain qualification needed for Digital marketing. What you need is the completion of your 12th-grade certificate. Graduation is an added advantage.

Is Digital marketing a good career in Cochin?

Yes, Of course,  as Cochin has become one of the major IT Hubs in Kerala. More than that, the Infopark is located in Cochin which adds more strength to it. 

Digital Marketing is a good career and a well-paid job.  Digital Marketing is one of the rapidly growing industries and there are more job opportunities in this field.


In this article, you found out the 14 best digital marketing institutes in Cochin.  To enrol in Aviv Digital, what you need is just to finish your 12th grade and do 6 months of Aviv Digital’s diploma course in Cochin or Calicut centre as well as Online. We hope this blog has helped you to pick the best digital institutes for you.

Vipin Nayar is a well-known digital marketing trainer in Calicut, Kerala. He is passionate about digital marketing and wants to share his nearly decade of experience and knowledge with as many people as possible. He believes that the world is slowly transitioning to a paperless, digital existence. As a result, he aspires to prepare us for it.

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