What Is Money? The Real Psychology About Money

Hi friends, I am back again with some new ideas in MSI – What Is Money?.

Today, I am going to describe what is actually money?

Though most of the people believe that money is nothing but a piece of paper, still, money is more than that.

Basics Of Money – You Need To Know

Money is the most intricate thing and most people don’t have adequate knowledge of what is money or what are the concepts behind money?

Now, I am going to clear all these things.

Money is basically an idea or thought.

what is an idea?

An idea is basically a thought and thought is energy.

So, money is not at all a piece of paper, the value of the money is its deciding factor.

Now, take an example.

When you are going to a shop and you will get a bill.

So, what is the difference between a Rs 1000 bill and an Rs.10000 bill?

Everything is the same that is written on the paper, but the value changes only.

So, that is the difference between money and the value that is written over it.

Now, we can conclude that money is basically an idea which comes from a thought.

And, thought is nothing but energy.

When thought is energy which means this comes with a law.

What is the law?

Money is governed by the law of compensation.

what is the law of compensation?

Law of compensation based on three different factors.

  1. The need for that particular thing which you want to do
  2. Your ability to fulfil that need
  3. How difficult it’s to replace you

If you have these three things with you, then the law of compensation will definitely work for you and you will start making money in a process which will enhance your earning and financial status.

what did you need to work on to uplift your financial status?

In this context, you need to work on three factors.


You should have an MSI plan for you. But this doesn’t mean that you need to work for 2/3 companies, or you should start 2/3 ventures to enhance your income Or you need to work throughout the day to earn a chunk of money.

If you want to earn a good volume of money, you need to pick up the right product which will improve your monetary status.

Since the product is one of the primary criteria which will help you to become a financially independent person, you need to choose your product wisely.

While choosing a product, you should consider certain things.


Always, choose an industry which is booming. If an industry is booming, then you can create a product or can promote or sell your product.

Though there are many industries which are growing good, still, the education and the e-commerce industries are the two most booming industries which are doing really well.

Check the companies who are associated with your industry:

Once you picked up your industry. now, you need to check what are the companies who are creating products or planning to create products related to this industry.

You can pick up that product and can build your business around that.

But you should ensure that your hand-picked product must have multiple streams of income capabilities.

You should put your effort in such a way that you can generate income from multiple sources.

Now, you can say that money is basically an idea.

The idea is basically two things.

  1. Frequency: Frequency of your knowledge or your stage
  2. Awareness: How much can you increase your awareness through that particular section.

These are two things that are associated with the idea.

So, plan according to your business which will pay you for different sources Or you can build up your own sources which will start paying you.

This way, you can generate more money to lead a healthy and robust lifestyle.

Never be dependent on money, rather money should be dependent on you.

How much power you want to generate through money, you can generate it.

That’s it for the day.

Hope, you got a clear idea and concept about money and how can you generate money to lead a better lifestyle.

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In this next part, I will discuss some more about the product which will help you to generate money.

So, thanks guys for your support and patience. Keep reading.

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