Performance Max Campaigns: Things to Know Before You Start

What is a Performance Max Campaign Really?

Performance Max Campaign is an All In One Campaign which shows your ads on all the google channels such as YouTube, Display, Search, Shopping, Discover, Gmail, Maps etc.  

Performance Max is the latest campaign types in Google ads which is fully based on Automations. 

In this campaign google is automating everything from your bid, budget allocations, creatives and their placements. 

Performance Max campaign can be a game changer if you run a e-commerce business or a lead based business. 

In this article you will learn the best practices of the PMax campaigns to get better ROI on your ads spends.

In performance max adgroup know as Asset Groups and Product Groups known as Listing Groups

Performance Max Campaigns can we used for Both Shopping as well as Lead Generation also. 

Why Performance Max Campaigns?

  • Provide extra placement opportunities 
  • Help to scale your campaign to larger audience 
  • PMax camping is combinations of Smart Shopping, Responsive Display and Dynamic Search ads together. 

PMax campaigns requires strong strategies as well as supporting data to better understand your audience for better results. 

Google confirmed that Smart Shopping and Local campaigns will be upgraded  into PMax shortly.

Things to take care while Upgrading From Smart Shopping Campaigns to Performance Max Campaigns

  • Use one-click upgrade tool 
  • Check all setting – locations, Asset Groups, and Listing Groups 
  • Add Additional Creatives 

Performance Max Campaigns Highlights:

Campaign Structure:

  • There is no reporting options in Asset Group level – so better to use multiple campaigns for multiple goals 
  • It’s better to use condense as possible if you don’t want to plan your campaigns based on location or budget specific 
  • Use Theme concept so related products/services match with ads creatives and copy. 

Conversion Goals 

  • For e-commerce we pick the purchase and for lead generation we can pick from calls, forms and chats etc. 
  • For lead generation call quality is more better than rest. 

Location Targeting:

  • This is very basic setup but most of the people make mistake. To avoid those mistake make sure to select Presence: People in or Regularly in your targeted location after selecting the location.

Asset Groups:

  • Plan theme based copywriting and Creatives 
  • Make sure to provide a video or else google will create it from their 
  • If you are running ads with Google smart shopping campaigns then before creating performance max campaign you need to create new asset for better results. 


  • Customer Exclusion: upload your customer list to exclude so you target on new customers. 
  • Keywords: You can exclude branded keywords from performance max campaigns with help of Google Representatives. 

Audience Signals:

Here is performance max campaign we target Audience signals, which is different from audience targeting. Audience signals try to find your ideal customer. 

Here are some Audience Signals Examples:

1- Customer Match:

You can upload your customer list, prospect list including emails and phone numbers. 

2- Custom Intent:

Create a top performing keywords list from Search ads and use them here

3- Interests:

You can target google predefined interests in google ads.

4- Website Visitors:

Target based on your Gtag data, pick your important page and retarget specific page visitors. 

5- Data Feed:

For e-commerce ads Data feed submitted in Google merchant account plays a huge role. Submit as much as data possible into your data feed. 

such as Brand, SKU, UPC code, Descriptive Title (Including your target keywords), Google Categorisation, Product Types, Multiple Images of the products, Custom labels etc. 

Bid Strategies:

Performance Max has two options available:

1- Maximise Conversions (With optional targeting CPA)

2- Maximise Conversion Value (With optional targeting ROAS)

If you have historical conversion data then you can target CPA/ROAS directly. 

But if you don’t have historical data then go wit Maximise Conversions bid so once you gather some data then move to tCPA and tROAS.

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