How to increase your page ranking? How to go from 3rd page to 1st page?

This trick work when the page is not spam with exact match anchor texts, page not penalized, positions are stable from last three weeks and last you have an original and high-quality content.

Action 1:

Create 3-5 sub pages related to the page you are currently trying to rank based on related topics and questions your reader will have the concept is that not having one single page for on keywords but having the collection of pages which appealing to Google.

Your Main Page:

then your sub-pages would be:

For E-commerce, you can do the same thing like adding more product in the category and the ranking for the category will grow.

Action Step 2:

Add a paragraph of contextual text within the main article, and link to new sub pages

Action Step 3:

Sub Headline Madness:
Add 5-10 H3 and H4 Sub-headlines
Use your exact keywords once in an H4 Sub-headline

Action Step #4

Table of Content+

Table of Contents Plus

Action Step #5

Trim the FAT CIF Necessary

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