How to find a profitable Niche : Ultimate Guide

The most important part of blogging is finding the right niche.

In this article, I am going to cover some strategies on How to find a profitable Niche?

Find the profitable niche is the key in your success in blogging career,

Let crack this puzzle. 

What is a Niche? 

If I explain this to you as a common man, Niche is a market where so many customers are waiting to buy the solutions to solve their problems or satisfy their Maslow’s basic needs. 

A niche can be divided based on the following:

  1. Price (high, low, and medium)
  2. Demographics (age, gender, income, and educational)
  3. Level of quality (premium, low and economical )
  4. Psychographics (values, interests)
  5. Geographics (location & language)

Niche is the very specific market of a big market while starting an online business is it suggested to go for a niche market. 

Let’s make it more clear for you with an example.

Health is a big market, but Weight loss is a sub-niche in that big market.

Now let’s break the weight loss into sub-sub niches such as weight loss after pregnancy. 

So here want I want to suggest you that before starting your blogging journey.

Find a sub-sub niche where you will find the demand for your product and services which you want to promote.

There are three topmost famous niches: health, wealth, and relationships.

But they are very competitive but profitable, if you can find a sub-sub in this niche you will make some money. 

Other than these 3 niches if you want you can look into personal development and hobbies or interest niches. 

Where you can find some demand in the market. 

Here are some examples of sub-sub niches in different categories

1. Health – 

  • Weight loss after pregnancy 
  • Recipes for type 2 diabetics over 50+

2. Wealth – 

  • Affiliate marketing for stay home moms 
  • Find your dream job with LinkedIn 

3. Relationship – 

  • How to get your x back
  • How to be better parents 

4. Personal development- 

  • Learning English from home 
  • Public speaking for book authors 

5. Hobbies or Interests – 

  • Gitar training for beginners 
  • Organic terrace gardening

These are some examples to give you an overview of how a niche will look like. 

The concept in the above examples shows you how people looking for their solutions form a specific kind of person who has faced the same situations. 

For example, if you are looking for weight loss after birth, you would like to get advice from a woman who has reduced her weight after her pregnancy than a girl who is in his teenage. 

Hope you find the idea why you need to niche down your niche. 

That is why it called, The Riches Are In The Niches

Now you may be thinking, are there any ways to find the niche? 

There are many other ways to find the niche 

Here are some niche finding idea for you 

How to find a profitable Niche?

finding a profitable niche, is half the job done. 

There are 7 main factors you need to look before finalizing the niche profitability. 

7 Factors to find a profitable Niche:

  1. Are there People spending money in that niche – are people buying products, are you able to see so many reviews in amazon or other similar sites where your product is sold. 
  2. Is there any passion or problem presence – when there is a passion or problem people don’t mind to spend too much. 
  3. Is there a Product or Service you can recommend so that you make money recommending them on your blog. 
  4. Is there any scope of scaling the business – is this niche can be considered to be a serious business, you can scale your business in the future. 
  5. Is there any traffic source – what source of traffic is going to use purely ads or content-based traffic etc. 
  6. Is there any expertization needed in the niche – do you need to learn something new or you have already knowledge about the niche. 
  7. Are there competitions – as competition is good because that helps us to understand that there is money in that niche. 

When you ask these questions to you and your answer is yes then you are on the right track. 

Here are some common questions that may come in your mind before starting your online blogging career. 

Do I follow my passion or money?

When you are in search of a niche, and when you go through some research. 

You will find that people are talking about this common topic. 

Some say that you need to follow your passion and money will come. 

And other kinds of people who say just follow the money, when you start earning money you will start creating passion anyways. 

But if you ask me my take on this topic I have a very mid-level approach. 

I don’t want to go into a niche where I have so much passion but no money to make. 

My preference is to find the best fit niche for me with my passion and also at the same time I should make some money. 

Usually, to find my solution I use old “Ikigai: The Japanese Secret”

What is IKIGAI Concept?

As per Ikigai concept, your niche should be aline with these 4 core concepts. 

1- Passion – it is mainly what you love and what you are good at when both combine that becomes your passion. 

2- Mission – What you love and what the world needs when you get aligned, that becomes your mission. 

3- Profession – When you find what you are good at and what you can be paid for becomes your profession 

4- Vocation – When you find that what you can get paid for and the world needs that, leads to your vocation. 

So to find a niche you need to aline these 4 main factors together. 

If you find something which is matching these four core principles that mean you got your ikigai. 

There are other ways too to find your niche such as, 

Pat Flynn’s 777 Method for finding a profitable niche:

Where he says that right down a list of your 7 passions, 7 problems, and 7 fears. 

Then pick 10 out of 21 niches you have just written down then check the traffic status in your keyword research tools such as semrush (use this SEMrush 14-day free trial coupon), ahrefs, google keyword planner for free.

Then based on demand decide which niche you want to pick. 

Before picking any niche, follow these 3 key rules. 

Rule 1 – there would be enough traffic and keywords to go around.

Rule 2 – Check your niche is profitable, buy looking into CPC cost, competitions, offers, and demand in the market. 

Rule 3 – There should be enough competition so that you can assure that there is a huge demand in that market. 

I follow these 3 simple rules before deciding my niche. 

James Altucher’s Idea Sex Formula for Niche Research: 

The idea is very simple: pick two niches and mix them together to make a new niche.

For example, the iPhone is a niche and photography is another niche, now you can mix them together and create a unique niche “iPhone photography”. 

Other Practical Methods to find a niche: 

There are some other ways to find a profitable niche such as

  1. Paypal Business categories – go and check the profitable category where people are already making money.
  2. and it’s categories – this will help you to understand that there is enough demand for that kind of category, which wikihow covers.
  3. Amazon – bestseller list & kindle books – this will give you an idea about the top-selling products, based on review and sales number. 
  4. Affiliate network sites like – Clickbank – these sites are mainly focused on selling affiliate products, and the categories they mentioned on their website is the most important one which is good for affiliate marketing. 
  5. Digital Marketplace like udemy – it shows you the demand in the market for a niche, you can easily understand by seeing the number of students enrolled in the course and the reviews of the course. 
  6. Niche-specific forums and Q&A sites – these kind of communities are the best places to find the need in the market, it will help you to understand the pain points of the market. 
  7. Keep your eyes open – Newspapers, tv commercials, magazines, etc. are the best resources that help you to find your niche. So keep an analytical view on the topics you watch, read, and discuss with your friends. 

These are some ways that will get an idea about finding a profitable niche. 

So now the first big job is over, that is finding a profitable niche. 

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