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Learning digital marketing is all about practice. Make sure to practice with this free Digital Marketing course in Malayalam and start building your career in digital marketing.

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Introduction to Digital Marketing

Digital marketing involves using online strategies and tools to connect businesses with their target audiences effectively.

Opportunities in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing offers diverse opportunities including SEO, content creation, social media management, data analytics, and PPC campaign expertise.

Website Setup [Wordpress]

Learn website setup using WordPress: choose a domain, select hosting, install WordPress, pick a theme, and customize content.

Search Engine Optimization

Master SEO: Conduct keyword research, optimize website content (On-Page), and build quality backlinks (Off-Page) for higher search rankings.

Social Media

Learn Social Media Marketing: Create engaging content, build a following, analyze metrics, and utilize targeted advertising strategies.

Search Engine Marketing

Learn SEM: Focus on PPC campaigns, keyword bidding, ad creation, landing page optimization, and performance analytics for visibility.

Linkedin Marketing

Learn LinkedIn Marketing: Develop a professional profile, create engaging content, network effectively, and utilize LinkedIn ads for business growth.

Instagram Marketing

Learn Instagram Marketing: Craft visually appealing content, use hashtags, engage followers, and leverage Instagram Stories and ads for brand growth.

Facebook Marketing

Learn Facebook Marketing: Create compelling content, target specific audiences, use Facebook Ads, and analyze insights for improved engagement.

Google Ads

Learn Google Ads: Master keyword selection, create compelling ad copy, set budgets, and analyze performance for effective campaigns.

Google Analytics 4

Learn Google Analytics 4: Understand user behavior, track conversions, analyze data, and make informed decisions for website optimization.

Email Marketing

Learn Email Marketing: Develop targeted campaigns, create engaging content, segment audiences, and analyze metrics for improved customer engagement.

App Store Optimization

Learn App Store Optimization: Optimize app titles, keywords, descriptions, and visuals to improve visibility and download rates in app stores.

Affiliate Marketing

Learn Affiliate Marketing: Promote products through affiliate links, build partnerships, track sales, and earn commissions from successful referrals.


Learn Vlogging: Create engaging video content, develop a personal brand, optimize for SEO, and engage with your audience effectively.


Learn Blogging: Develop compelling content, use SEO strategies, engage with readers, and monetize your blog effectively.

Apply for DM Jobs

Learn to Apply for DM Jobs: Build a strong resume, showcase digital marketing skills, network, and prepare for interviews.


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